How houses to make ""kiriyeshka!

How houses to make ""kiriyeshka!

Kiriyeshki croutons are adored by both children, and adults. If desired to indulge itself with tasty croutons it isn't obligatory even to run in shop – it is possible to make them and in house conditions.

The well-known Kiriyeshki croutons are the dried-up bread pieces with addition of spices. For their preparation use special bread which structure such is that the croutons made of it from it keep crunchy properties long enough. But for preparation of Kiriyeshek in house conditions it is possible to choose any bread.

Having prepared Kiriyeshki in house conditions, it is possible not to be afraid at their use that together with dehydrated bread hazardous substances will get into a stomach. A basis at preparation of a signature product is глютамат sodium, the relation to which is very ambiguous.

How to prepare Kiriyeshki in house conditions

Independently to prepare houses of Kiriyeshka, such products will be necessary: - white loaf; - seasoning for soup which structure included flavor additives and salt. Also the board and a knife, a cup with a deep bottom, a trellised pallet will be necessary to dry up croutons – instead of it it is possible to use a baking sheet. It is good if in the house there is an electric furnace with special air circulation, but as a last resort the standard microwave oven or an oven quite will approach. After all ingredients and ware are prepared, it is possible to pass actually to cooking of croutons. It should be done approximately in such sequence: Cut bread in cubes – 7-12 mm. To put cubes of bread in a deep cup. Strew bread with soup seasoning at intensive hashing. At the same time it is necessary to watch that with salt the search didn't turn out. For control it is necessary to remove from cubes of bread test from time to time. The cubes prepared thus to arrange evenly not thick layer on a baking sheet or a pallet. Place a baking tray with grain cubes in an oven.

How to control preparation process

Different croutons will have different duration of preparation. At the first experience it is necessary to control some time readiness. If croutons are cooked in the microwave, they should be mixed from time to time. When drying in an oven down, under a trellised pallet, it is necessary to place an empty baking tray – to warn a possibility of hit of crumbs on a bottom. When drying is ended, croutons should be cooled. This operation should be carried out at the room temperature. It is possible to use croutons as it is pleasant – someone loves them in salads or soups, someone eats just like that as sunflower seeds. Some adore Kiriyeshki with beer. Now it is possible to enjoy the tasty croutons made and in house conditions.

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