How just to prepare raspberry for the winter

How just to prepare raspberry for the winter

Raspberry brings huge benefit to our organism. But there is always a question: how it is better to keep it for the winter period? Raspberry one of the only berry cultures which keeps all useful components and substances even after heat treatment. Therefore it is possible to cook various compotes from these berries, jam and jams for the winter.

Raspberry compote for the winter

Well ripened berries of bright red color will be ideal for preparation of compote. For this preparation it is better to choose grades with the minimum maintenance of seeds and excellent aroma.

Before preparation of compote surely sterilize banks.

After gathering berry carefully wash out and clear of sepals. Then boil water. Display berries on banks, about 0.5 kg on a 3-liter can. Fill in with hot water and leave a little to infuse. Then drain water without berries, add to it sugar (a glass on liter) and again boil. After repeated boiling, the turned-out syrup is spilled on banks with berries and twisted covers for further storage. Compote is ready, it is only necessary to turn banks upside down and to cover with a warm cover. In one day the banks can be placed in the basement or a cellar for the use in winter time.

Raspberry jam for the winter

Almost all grades of this berry culture are suitable for preparation of jam from raspberry for the winter. Berries of raspberry wash out, select only clean and intact, then fill up in the capacity in which jam will cook (the aluminum basin is ideal). Berries weigh previously and add the same amount of sugar. Capacity is covered and left for 12 hours for release of juice. Further cook on average fire before jam begins to gurgle or how to speak the national pound gums. It is given some time for cooling and display on the banks which are previously sterilized. Raspberry jam remains in banks with the twisting covers better.

How to make raspberry jam

The whole berries are cooked in a sugar syrup (sugar is added exactly to a half of weight of berries) before formation of jellylike weight. It is necessary to add juice of berries because it contains few pectinaceous substances to raspberry. Cook raspberry once to necessary density. For definition of readiness in jam lower and take out a spoon. If syrup flows down from it a thin stream, raspberry jam is ready for a flood. It is displayed in banks only hot that it didn't stiffen in ware for cooking.

There are also several other ways of preparation of raspberry for the winter: tinned juice, jam and others. And it is possible just to freeze berries without sugar in the fridge freezer. For this purpose select clean berries of raspberry and display them in food plastic bags. In the winter from a frozen berries it is possible to make tasty and useful kissel or to use them for preparation of pies and cakes.

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