How just to process fruit on juice and a fruit candy

How just to process fruit on juice and a fruit candy

The fruit candy can be prepared from the weight which remains at a juice pressing. Such way will be suitable for apples, a quince, any grades of pears. Waste-free production turns out.

We take amount of fruit and berries randomly how many we want.

Before we begin to load into the juice extractor, we wash fruit, we delete a core, we clean all bad, but we leave a peel, in it there is a lot of all useful.

On the juice extractor we do juice, we boil. We wash banks and it is sterilized in an oven, we allow to cool down slightly. We spill the boiling juice on banks, we roll up, we overturn upside down and we cover. Our juice is ready.

Preparation of a fruit candy

We can prepare a fruit candy unusual, having added to it some berry. If we take stone, such as cherry, sweet cherry, an apricot, plum, then stones surely we delete. We banish berries via the combine.

It is possible to make it and an antiquated way.

In a bowl we put berries, we pour on a bottom of boiled water and we soar on fire of 10 minutes. Then we fray this soup through a colander. 

We spread the remained weight from the juice extractor in a superficial bowl and we add ready weight from berries there, we mix. We add sugar at will. Then we put in an oven on the smallest fire and every 15 minutes well we mix. We soar in an oven 1.5-2 hours.

We oil a baking tray for drying of a fruit candy, we dim the tracing-paper too impregnated with oil. We spread ready puree on a baking tray a thin and even layer. Heat of an oven we choose the lowest, we put a baking tray and we dry until ready, the oven at the same time has to be slightly opened. The baking tray is periodically developed by other edge to an open door that dried evenly. We cut a ready fruit candy on stripes or we turn in tubules. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team