How many calories in a peach

How many calories in a peach

Peaches differ not only a pleasant flavor and juicy pulp, but also content of a large number of minerals and vitamins. Besides, in them there aren't enough calories that allows to include them in a diet even that who keeps to a diet.

How many calories contain in peaches

In 100 g of usual peaches about 45 kcal contain. At the same time in their structure most of all water, is a little carbohydrates, it isn't enough proteins and fats. It is the most useful to eat them for breakfast or as a dessert during a lunch as the carbohydrates which are contained in these fruit will be processed into the energy necessary for an organism, but won't be laid in store in problem zones.

Even less energy value of a fig peach – is the share of 100 g of such product to only 32 kcal. This results from the fact that in such grade of fruit much less sugar which is quite high-calorie. And here nectarines, that is peaches with a smooth thin skin, contain nearly 48 kcal.

The amount of sugar in peaches varies from 9 to 15%, depending on a grade. For this reason they aren't recommended to be included in a diet that who suffers from diabetes.

Meanwhile, the glass of fresh nectar from peaches will contain from 60 to 80 kcal, and energy value same amount of purchased juice can be multiplied by 2 safely. The fact is that sugar and a certain amount of preservatives which give to peach juice additional caloric content is almost always added to the drink made in the industrial way.

Structure and useful properties of peaches

These fruit are extraordinary rich with mineral substances. So, at their structure there are a large amount of iron, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, zinc, manganese and calcium. Besides, they enrich an organism with vitamins A, E, K, PP and also group B vitamins. Useful essential oils, cellulose, pectin and organic acids, necessary for human health, contain in them: lemon, apple, wine and cinchonic. Such structure does peaches very useful to strengthening of immunity, decrease in level of cholesterol in blood and prevention some diseases of heart, for example, to arrhythmia. These fruit promote improvement of digestive processes thanks to soluble cellulose, have laxative and diuretic effect.

It is useful to give fresh peaches as a dessert after a plentiful meal – it strengthens sekretorny function of a stomach that promotes the best digestion of heavy and greasy food.

Also peaches are fine antioxidants which promote removal from an organism of harmful toxins and improve a condition of skin. They possess anti-inflammatory action, help to cope with a stress and to lower arterial blood pressure a little. It is useful to eat them also at asthma, acidosis, nephrite and anemia, they surpass in amount of iron even meat.

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