How many days are salted fat

How many days are salted fat

Fat very tasty and not less useful product if, of course, to use it in moderate quantities. It contains the irreplaceable fatty acids necessary for normal work of bodies of a cardiovascular system. It is great snack which you can make according to the flavoring preferences.

How many days need to be waited until fat is ready, depends on what recipe you want to use for its preparation. Fat needs to be salted with a skin, and it needs previously to be cleaned to remove the remains of a fake bristle.

Fat contains the substances reducing cholesterol level in blood and interfering contamination of walls of vessels cholesteric plaques.

Classical recipe of fat

From the inside carefully, not to damage a skin, make deep cuts in fat a sharp knife in the form of a grid of 5х5 or 6х6 cm. In a deep pan fill a layer of coarse salt on a bottom, lay out fat on it a skin down and from above also fill up it with a large amount of salt that it got to cuts.

Leave to stand at the room temperature of 2 days, for the 3rd day when from fat liquid is emitted, remove a pan in the fridge for a week. Then get fat, shake salt a little, inwrap in food wrap place in the freezer. When it freezes, it can be eaten.

For classical fat in salt or a brine it is better to choose a piece without streak. When choosing carry out on a piece surface by a nail tip if on it there was a fat, fat soft and good.

Fat in a brine

Take a pan, pour in it water in the quantity, sufficient that the fat placed in it was completely covered. Put a half of the crude peeled potato in a pan and begin to fill salt in the portions. Constantly stirring each following. As soon as potato emerges – the brine is ready. Prepared as well as in the previous recipe put fat in a brine, close a pan a cover and put for 3 days in the fridge. Through this time get fat. Slightly powder it I will merge a fine crushing, a fresh ground black pepper, inwrap at first in a piece of fabric, then in a plastic bag and freeze. It is ready-to-serve.

Fat in an onions peel

If you don't want to wait 10 days, even 3, it is possible to salt fat in an onions peel. It will be required to you: - 1.5 kg of fat with streaks; - 3-4 garlic gloves; - 3-4 leaves of a lavrushka; - till 8-10 peas black and allspice; - 1 tsps of a red hot sprinkling pepper; - 200 g of rock food salt; - peel of 10-12 bulbs. Put a bulbous peel, spices and salt in a pan, pour water, boil, boil thoroughly on slow fire of 20 minutes. Put fat in the boiling brine and you cook 15 minutes, then remove a pan and leave fat to stand in a brine of 15 more minutes. After that get it, cool, rub with small chopped garlic, inwrap in food wrap and remove in the freezer. When it freezes, you can it already is.

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