How many it is possible to store jam

How many it is possible to store jam

Jam – a kind of a dessert which is cooked from fruit and sugar. As a rule, it is done for emergency that to regale on cold winter evenings on it with tea and various pastries. However even in a tinned look jam has the expiration date.

As it is correct to store jam

Unlike other preserved foods which can be stored at a temperature to +20os, jam needs to be held at a temperature not above +15os. The most optimal variant – from 10 to 15 wasps is above zero. At the same time direct sunshine shouldn't get into the room with jam, and air shouldn't be too moisture-laden.

Best of all the dark basement is suitable for storage of jam, but shouldn't waterlog it water at all.

It is also desirable not to subject jars of jam to strong temperature drops and not to store on a frost. Otherwise the product can quickly become candied or become covered by a mold because of the condensate which accumulated in bank. At high humidity of air or availability of water in the basement the metal covers on jars of jam can rust. All this not only will worsen taste of jam, but also can spoil it at all - in this case will dangerously use it even for pastries.

Also the correct preparation and conservation of jam matters. This product, for example, can begin to ferment in insufficiently sterilized banks. And the mold can also appear and in case in jam there is no sugar, and banks at the time of twisting were damp.

How many to store jam

At respect for all norms it is regarding rooms and the correct conservation of a product, jam can be stored within 3 years. During this time in it all useful substances and vitamins will remain, however each next year will reduce their quantity and to change taste of a product a little. Five-year or seven-year jam will hardly do harm to health if it didn't become covered by a mold, however and the advantage of it won't be any any more.

If jam is covered with a thin layer of a mold, you shouldn't throw out it at once. It is possible to remove carefully a mold, to anew boil jam and then to use it as a stuffing for pastries.

The exception makes jam which is made from fruit with stones: cherries, sweet cherries, apricot, peaches, cherry plum or plum. Hydrocianic acid which during a long period of storage can turn into toxic agent is a part of fruit stones. That is why it is desirable to use such jam within 1-1.5 years from the date of preparation. It is better not to eat older jam or at least to limit its consumption. And stones on the expiration of year can't be eaten at all, even sweet apricot as it can lead to poisoning.

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