How many on time to bake chicken entirely, chicken legs and chicken breast in an oven

How many on time to bake chicken entirely, chicken legs and chicken breast in an oven

The chicken baked in an oven - the tasty and rich dish suitable under any garnish. However that viands well пропеклось, but at the same time remained juicy and gentle, it is important to choose correctly temperature in the furnace for roasting of this delicacy and to decide on cooking time.

It would seem what difficult is in roasting of chicken: I covered a carcass with spices and salt, I put it on a baking tray and bake. However in practice all not and simply, if is wrong to choose temperature for preparation of a dish, or to overdo chicken in an oven, as a result viands it will turn out or underbaked, or overbaked and dry. How to find golden mean that the ready-to-eat meal didn't disappoint members of household?

So, if you prepare a chicken entirely, then first of all to pay attention to the carcass size. Small chickens which weight doesn't reach kilogram prepare not for long - on average minutes 50-60 at a temperature of 190 degrees. Carcasses need longer cooking more - from 60 to 120 minutes. To calculate, how much time you need to bake specific chicken, it is necessary to know that 500 grams of chicken meat need in 30 minutes of cooking, proceeding from it and it is worth being guided approximately.

If you often cook chicken entirely, then to you will be useful to buy the special thermometer for meat and to use it. For example, to check readiness of chicken, it is necessary to place the device in a hip of the preparing bird (the thermometer shouldn't touch a bone) and to look at result. If the device is shown more than 80 degrees, then chicken is ready.

Approximate terms of cooking of chicken entirely in an oven are specified below:

It should be noted that in the table terms of roasting of the cooled chicken are specified. The frozen chicken needs previously to be defrozen.

How many on time to bake chicken legs and chicken breast in an oven in a foil and in a package

That meat of chicken turned out more gentle and juicy, for roasting it is better to use a foil or a special roasting sleeve. For example, the chicken breast made without the above devices most likely will turn out dry and is it it will be impossible. Meat from ""sleeve"" just will melt in the mouth, especially if previously to keep waiting it minutes 20, then to prepare in special mayonnaise or lemon sauce.

As for time of roasting of legs and breasts in a foil, a package, it pays off by the same principle, as for chicken entirely. If you bake breasts without undressing them on a part, then consider the weight of one biggest breast. I will remind that it is necessary to bake 500 grams of chicken not less than 30 minutes.

The breast cut by flank steaks and also chicken legs (shin) are completely ready-to-serve already 40 minutes later after their establishment in the oven warmed up to 180-190 degrees. 

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