How many salt is necessary for salting 1 kg of cabbage

How many salt is necessary for salting 1 kg of cabbage

Each hostess at fermentation of cabbage uses the checked recipe in which proportions of salt and vegetables are the most suitable on gustatory qualities for her family. However even without having experience in salting cabbage, it is possible to ferment a product very tasty, it is only necessary to take an average ratio of salt and cabbage.

How many it is necessary for salt on 1 kg of cabbage for salting for the winter

It is possible to make sour cabbage without using salt at all, vegetable without it is quicker fermented, however long-term storage of such preparation is possible only on condition that the product is frozen. For example, if at fermentation of vegetable salt is used, the term of its storage in a brine at a temperature up to +6 degrees can be 4-6 weeks if salt isn't used - no more than 2-3 weeks, and even it is less. However both that and other option at storage in the frozen look is suitable in food up to 6-8 months.

As for amount of salt when salting cabbage, as it was told above, it depends on flavoring preferences of family for whom preparation becomes. There are many recipes of a fermentation/pickles of cabbage with various amount of spices, seasonings, fillings, however if to take the classical recipe, then on one kilogram of cabbage about 20 grams of salt (steam of teaspoons, that is 2% of the weight of vegetables) and 50 grams of carrots are required. The type of salt is also important, the most preferable option - large stone, and here iodated or sea not really well can affect a product.

If you for the first time decided to salt cabbage and it seems to you that this amount of salt isn't enough, you remember, the product has to be to taste slightly solyany, than usual salad. If to put too much salt in vegetables, then preparation finally can it will turn out too rigid and unsuitable for salads.

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