How many sugar is necessary on a 3-liter can of compote

How many sugar is necessary on a 3-liter can of compote

Compotes from actually grown up berries and fruit are much more useful and more tasty than purchased. Each hostess has the recipe of conservation and amount of such ingredients as sugar and berries/fruit differ.

That compote was really tasty, it is important to maintain certain proportions of ingredients during its preparation. The most tasty drink turns out in case three one-liter jar are filled 1/3 (not less) berries or fruit, and the amount of sugar is filled in calculation of 250-450 grams depending on sweet of fruits and flavoring preferences of that for whom the product is preparing. At the same time the fruits are sourer, the more sugar needs to be filled and vice versa. For example, at preparation of compote from red and blackcurrant, sour apples and strawberry, cherry of sugar 400-450 grams, and in certain cases and up to 600 grams when bank half is filled with berries undertake.

For preparation of compotes from sweet fruits - apricots, grapes, raspberry, peaches and other, it is required a little granulated sugar, usually up to 200-250 gram, when filling banks by sweet fruit more than on 1/3, sugar can be not put at all. It is important to remember that the lack of this ingredient won't affect safety of preparations at all, especially if the jars were previously well sterilized and were closed in due form.

From the aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that amount of sugar for compote - the figure changeable and that during the winter period not to be disappointed in taste of drink, is better to do the first preparations on the checked recipes of books or close relatives. Further, having accumulated a little experience, it will be possible to experiment with amount of sugar and fruits, to mix various fruit and berries and to receive drinks, different in taste.

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