How many to cook bean

How many to cook bean

Reading recipes and being going to prepare any dish, the beginning culinary specialist can face some problems. For example, in the description of process of preparation of a dish it can be told: ""boil haricot"", or ""cook peas"", and how to make it, what is the time to cook - words. And all bean needs to be cooked differently.


1. If you are going to cook whole peas, wet it previously at several o'clock in water. Before cooking drain this water, having filled in peas is fresher cold water. You cook one or one and a half hours. You can not presoak a grinding peas. It cooks about an hour.

2. If it is necessary to weld ears of young corn, fill in them with cold water. Having brought to the boil, you cook 10-15 minutes. Old corn cooks 40 minutes.

3. Presoak haricot before cooking, as well as peas, for 6-10 hours. You cook in new water of 50-60 minutes. The fresh bean will be ready in 5 minutes after boiling, frozen - in 7-8 minutes.

4. Lower lentil in the boiling water, you cook from 10 to 40 minutes. Preparation time depends on a grade. You cook red lentil on small fire of 10 minutes, green - half an hour, brown - 40 minutes. It is better to kill the last previously for an hour.

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