How many to cook slippery jacks before frying

How many to cook slippery jacks before frying

Slippery jacks are the mushrooms which are good not only for frying, but also for pickling, a pickles and also preparation of soups. However that from them to prepare a tasty and useful dish, mushrooms at first should be boiled.

To find out how many minutes it is necessary to cook slippery jacks before frying, it is necessary to find out for what in general cooking is necessary. Mushrooms, as we know, absorb in themselves hazardous substances from soil, air, and the mushrooms are more senior, the it is more in them than vrednost - salts of heavy metals, radiation and other. And as slippery jacks - leaders in sanitation of soils, their cooking before frying - compulsory procedure. Except that preliminary boiling cleans mushrooms, so it also favorably affects taste of a product - slippery jacks become softer, gentle.

Now as for rules of cooking of slippery jacks. That mushrooms gave to water all hazardous substances, at first it is necessary to clean them - to remove garbage and to skim from hats then to wash out, cut, put in a pan, to fill in with cold salty water and to put on fire. During cooking on a water surface there will be a foam which should be removed. Time of cooking of slippery jacks doesn't depend on a way of further processing of mushrooms, and the procedure anyway has to take not less than 15 minutes.

Important: water after cooking can't be used for preparation of other dishes, for example, of soups.

Whether it is possible not to cook slippery jacks before frying

It is possible not to boil mushrooms before frying only in case mushrooms have the small sizes, and they were brought together far from the city, the carriageway, the plants, the industrial enterprises, the rivers or other reservoirs in which waste goes down. It is enough to such slippery jacks to undergo the procedure of removal of a film from hats, garbage then their thermal treatment can start. However in this case it is necessary to be ready to the fact that mushrooms during frying will emit sticky kiselevidny substance and a ready-to-eat meal will look not really appetizingly.

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