How not to break from a diet and to keep a figure on holidays

How not to break from a diet and to keep a figure on holidays

The holiday table by tradition abounds with various dishes and drinks. Seeing a variety of goodies and viands, the person can't constrain himself, begins to try everything little by little, and as a result receives overeating and extra kilos. And if at the same time the person kept to a diet, then the disappointment from own fieriness can become result also. What to do? Refuse a holiday? No way! It is necessary to follow only simple recommendations, and then own organism will tell you: "thanks".

Many hostesses prepare and spend the whole day in kitchen, on the run trying preparations of salads, roast and other dishes. Or suffer till the last moment that too is a widespread mistake. Preparing for a celebration, you don't starve yourself - eat food in usual hours, otherwise then you won't be able to control yourself. 

Refuse mayonnaise as seasoning of salads. The tablespoon of olive oil will be the best gas station. As ingredients use more cucumbers, the Beijing cabbage and salad. These products are low-calorie, but at consumption give feeling of satiety at the expense of the high content of moisture. You can safely add chicken and cheese. Boiled chicken fillet and cheese of 45% of fat content is considered dietary below. 

If you go on a visit, take with yourself the dietary salads as a gift to the hostess. Thus, you will be able not to advertize the diet, but at the same time to eat that it is useful for you.

During meal before to eat something, do a gulp of plain water. Consider that alcohol enhances appetite. Alternate alcohol intake and waters - simply wash down strong drinks with still water. 

Move more - dance, participate in competitions. But you don't hurry to pass to active actions at once, without having managed to leave because of a table: after meal has to pass not less than half an hour that products managed to be digested. It is the best of all if the meal smoothly flows in games in the fresh air. Don't wait that you will be called - suggest to walk. So you and from food will distract, and you won't break the atmosphere of a holiday.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team