How not to feel hungry?

How not to feel hungry?

If you decided to go on a diet to lose weight, then, perhaps, acute sense of hunger will become your faithful companion soon. How not to feel hungry at least some time?


1. Blue color, on assurances of the Chinese scientists, allows to be sated quicker. It turned out that blue ware, napkins and other also provoke the person is more slowly.

2. On the woman's dates seldom eat with big appetite therefore it is worth wishing them to go out on dates more often. And here men unlike women on dates eat more than usual. However, is by candlelight it isn't recommended to either those, or another.

3. Fish very well satisfies hunger - than not the occasion is more often than her is? 100 kilocalories in fish sate better, than a piece of beef or mutton with value in the same one hundred kcal. Also in fish B6 and B12 is a lot of vitamins, say.

4. Try to eat without seeing what you eat. Tie with a scarf to yourself eyes and start the usual portion of food. Perhaps, so the feeling of satiety will come long before second course. And all because we don't listen to ourselves at meal time though we can eat less.

5. Take a spoon or a fork other hand. Then is quickly it won't turn out any more, and concentration of hormone of satiety of leptin will reach high level in about 20 minutes after the beginning of a meal. There is a probability that you won't absorb food long.

6. If to begin a meal with a leaf lettuce, then it is possible to gorge on quicker. Nutritionists believe that all secret in the sating force of food fibers with which green leaves are rich.

7. 250 ml of broth with vegetables and/or chicken before a main course can cancel it at all, liquid will fill a stomach and will give feeling of satiety. And, often people eat much more soup, than would be enough for them to feel full.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team