How quickly to cook peas

How quickly to cook peas

Pea soup and porridge are traditional and favourite dishes of Russian cuisine. Besides numerous useful properties, foods with peas have high caloric content and are irreplaceable for cold season. However many hostesses don't hurry to indulge the relatives these dishes as process of their preparation takes too much time. There are several effective ways to cook peas quicker and not to spoil at the same time its taste.

It is required to you

  • peas;
    • water;
    • creamy or vegetable oil;
    • soda;


1. Take necessary amount of peas and carefully touch it then wash out a baking plate a stream of cool flowing water. Place it in a bowl and fill in with water so that she hid peas. It is necessary to consider that split peas (it is sold by halves) bulks up and cooks much quicker, than whole. Leave the wetted vegetables at several o'clock and if there is an opportunity, on all night long. During this time even rather firm grades of peas manage to inflate enough and well boil soft.

2. It is possible to reduce preparation time of peas by means of one simple reception. Before cooking peas, carefully wash out its baking plate a stream of cool water. It is necessary to wash out until water stops being hazy. Lower peas in the cold added some salt water and wait for its boiling. In 10 minutes add to a pan of a half-glass of cold boiled water. After boiling of a pea will become soft literally in several minutes. If necessary the procedure can be repeated and made peas more friable.

3. The good means significantly accelerating cooking of pea soup and porridge is a desi or animal fat. Add several tablespoons of this product to a pan after boiling of previously wetted peas. Besides saving of time, it will impact to food interesting, saturated relish. The vegetable purified oil will also accelerate cooking process, but won't affect aroma of a dish.

4. Other ingredient which promotes a fast razvarivaniye of bean is baking soda. In 10-15 minutes after boiling of peas add to a pan soda at the rate of a half of a teaspoon on 2 liters of liquid. Be attentive, the bigger amount of soda can spoil taste of your dish. This way allows to achieve softness of peas in 5-7 minutes of cooking.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team