How quickly to defreeze forcemeat

How quickly to defreeze forcemeat

You decided to prepare a forcemeat dish, for example, cutlets or meatballs. But forgot to take out in due time forcemeat from the freezer. Don't despair, there are many ways to defreeze this product, and in short terms.


1. Put forcemeat in ceramic ware and put in the microwave oven, having set the mode of a fast defrosting. In a few minutes forcemeat will thaw. You watch that the product didn't cook in the microwave and I didn't burn.

2. If there is no microwave oven – make a water bath and thaw forcemeat on it. Pour water on 2-3 fingers into a small pan and put on slow fire. Put forcemeat in a ceramic bowl and lower together with it in water. From time to time overturn the frozen forcemeat in a bowl and remove the top layer which already thawed.

3. One more way to quickly defreeze forcemeat is to put it in the warm place. For example, put a bowl with meat about the heating battery which is switched on by an oven or the boiling pan.

4. Batteries now cold, and on a plate and in an oven at present at you nothing is preparing? Then densely roll up forcemeat in a plastic bag, put a parcel in a small basin, put in a sink and include cool water. Under flowing water the frozen forcemeat will thaw in about 20-30 minutes.

5. Also forcemeat can be chopped a special hatchet for meat or a big knife on small pieces. You won't cope – drive to the aid the husband or someone else with strong hands. Then salt forcemeat. In about 20-30 minutes it will thaw.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team