How quickly to defreeze products

How quickly to defreeze products

All frozen goods, especially meat and fish, it is better to subject to a slow defrosting in the fridge. Certainly, this process takes a lot of time – approximately, 5 hours on each kilogram of weight of a product. What to do if you don't have in a stock of such amount of time? Try to defreeze a product as fast as possible.

It is required to you

  • - plastic bags;
  • - cold flowing water;
  • - container;
  • - microwave oven.


1. Bacteria develop especially actively at a temperature from +4os to +60os. Within 20 minutes, under favorable temperature conditions, they are capable to double the number. If you don't manage to defreeze a product in the fridge, then it isn't necessary to leave it to thaw on a kitchen table or in a sink at the room temperature – thus you turn it into a nursery of bacteria. It is better to use a fast defrosting.

2. How to defreeze the product is packed into vodeesl, leave it in a package and put in one more polyethylene sack. If isn't present, pack it into several plastic bags. Thus, you won't allow the thawing blood to flow out and soil kitchen, and water won't impregnate food. Gather in a sink or a container of cold water, put the packed products and include water. Pull out "stopper" and you watch that water covered a package not less than on 3/4.

3. If you save water, then defreeze not a baking plate a flowing stream, and time 20-30 minutes completely changing water in a sink or a container. Don't give in to temptation to make "hotter". Warm water will create that "a favorable zone", and the meal can will end with poisoning.

4. Ideally are suitable for packing of products which you are going to defreeze a baking plate water dense a zip packages. If you packed food into one of such bags, then the second isn't required any more.

5. How to defreeze in microwave a pechiyesla you were going to defreeze food in the microwave oven, remove packing from products. Put food in a suitable container and put it in the microwave oven. If your microwave has no special mode a baking plate the name "Defrosting", install the regulator on a half from the maximum power and turn on the furnace for 15-20 seconds. Through this period check readiness. If the product wasn't defrozen yet, repeat the procedure. Overturn food that it thawed quicker.

6. Defrosted products can't be frozen again. It is desirable to prepare them or at once or not later than in 24 hours from the moment of a defrosting. Store the thawed products in the fridge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team