How quickly to knife

How quickly to knife

Watch how the professional chef copes with a knife, it can be as fascinating how to watch a training of professional athletes. The same fast perfected movements, any excess vanity and in seconds the product turns into equal slices, cubes or accurate straws. Whether it is possible to learn it? Certainly.

It is required to you

  • - cutting board;
  • - knife.


1. Prepare a knife. The blunt knife in kitchen not only is useless, but also is dangerous, they can put themselves a serious trauma as it doesn't cut, and slides and becomes uncontrollable. If in order that to cut something, you need to apply effort bigger, than minimum – your knife is ground badly.

2. Choose a knife of suitable weight and size. For cuttings products usually take an edge long in 20-25 centimeters. Pay attention to the handle, it shouldn't slide in a hand, to be rough, with gaps or hangnails. It has to be convenient to you and it isn't heavy to hold a knife.

3. Prepare a cutting board. If it at you glass or from stainless steel, enclose a baking plate it a towel that the board didn't slide at the movement.

4. Undertake a knife handle that hand which at you dominating. Big and a forefinger there is about one party of an edge, and all others – on another. You watch that your wrist moved freely. Pay attention – you will never see the professional cook who is convulsively squeezing a knife, their hands are always plastic and the edge goes without efforts.

5. Hold with the second hand a product. It is the best of all to do it, "having kind of drawn in" fingers towards a palm, but it isn't obligatory. It is possible to use also finger-tips, having established them on what you were going to cut.

6. Cooks knife, from a tip by the beginning, but don't cut up and down is the main mistake. The knife at the same time doesn't leave a finishing surface, doesn't soar up over it, like an edge of the guillotine and doesn't bite as if a saw. You as though shake it, other hand pushing a product.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team