How quickly to make a breakfast for the child

How quickly to make a breakfast for the child

Almost each young mom came up against a situation when it is necessary to feed fully and tasty the child, but it is necessary to make it for a short time. Therefore each hostess in an arsenal has to have recipes of dishes for children who prepare very quickly.

What to prepare for breakfast

The deficiency time at parents is very sharply observed in the morning. When it is necessary not only to bring together children in school or a garden, but also to prepare something fast and nutritive. The ideal decision for tasty and very useful breakfast are various casseroles.

The basis of casserole can be made of cottage cheese which needs to be mixed with eggs, sugar. Dish proportions very simple: on 500 g of cottage cheese 4 eggs are necessary. Most quicker to mix ingredients by means of the blender. For taste of taste and color it is possible to add a handful of berries, bananas, raisin and even carrots, pumpkin to weight. All ingredients need to be laid out in a form and to bake in an oven within 40 minutes.

It is possible to cook porridge with additives even quicker. It is possible to make it as follows: it is necessary to add oat-flakes to the begun to boil milk, after that fire needs to be lowered that porridge didn't burn. Sugar is added at the very end of cooking. Porridge is cooked very quickly - 10 minutes. Before giving on a table with such useful dish it is necessary to add apples, raisin, nutlets or honey to plates.

You shouldn't forget also about nutritious omelet which is very useful to the children's growing organism. In an oven he prepares only 8 minutes. Eggs, milk and salt will be necessary for its preparation. When roasting, omelet leaves air, there is no crust which many children don't love. The dish can be decorated with green peas, a fresh cucumber.

Any child won't resist pasta which can be baked in an oven quickly. Before preparation of casserole it is necessary to boil pasta in the added some salt water, and then to lay out them in the form which is in advance oiled. Weight is filled in with the tomato juice divorced in water. That the tasty crust turned out, on casserole it is worth laying out desi pieces. The dish of 20 minutes is cooked. After the end of this time, almost ready casserole needs to be strewed with a grated cheese with bread crumbs. Then the dish needs to be brought to full readiness within 5 minutes. During this time cheese will completely melt, formed a crunchy and golden crust.

Fast sandwiches for children

One of the fastest dishes are sandwiches. In such look children can feed practically any product, it is worth showing imagination. For example, to make hot sandwiches, it is necessary to fry slices of white loaf on a desi on both sides. While roll fries, it is possible to shake up sour cream, eggs quickly. This mix fills in bread pieces, sausage, slices tomato and a grated cheese from above is put. That the cheese crust turned out, sandwiches need to be covered and cooked 5 minutes.

Thus, it is easy to make a fast breakfast. As a result children will be full and happy, and at mom will remain more times for itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team