How quickly to prepare a cauliflower in batter

How quickly to prepare a cauliflower in batter

Cauliflower – a dietary and useful product. It is rich with folic and ascorbic acid, B6 vitamin, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. It is important not correct to prepare, but also to choose cabbage. On a surface of vegetable there shouldn't be spots, give preference to inflorescences which well hold a form.

Before preparation of a dish in batter the cabbage is divided into inflorescences and well washed out. All process is divided into 4 stages: boiling of inflorescences to a soft condition, preparation of batter, rolling of cabbage in batter and frying in a frying pan with vegetable oil.

The cauliflower demands trembling leaving therefore it is important not to digest it. If to overdo it even several minutes, inflorescences will become too soft or can even turn into "kissel". By the way, it is possible not only to cook this vegetable, but also to steam.

The classical recipe of cabbage in batter

Preparation of 500 g of cabbage requires 2 eggs, 2 with t. l. a grated cheese, vegetable oil for frying, 1.5 tablespoons of flour, to taste dry greens, a sprinkling pepper and salt.

Inflorescences divide and wash out, and too big cut on several parts. In hot and added some salt lower inflorescences and cook until ready cabbage that it became soft, but I didn't boil soft.

Then do batter: eggs in a deep bowl are shaken up with greens and salt, and then gradually and accurately add flour. Dense weight has to turn out. And when inflorescences will dry and will a little cool down, on one lower them in batter and put on the warmed frying pan that the golden crust turned out. Before giving on a table the cauliflower in batter is strewed with cheese.

It is possible to experiment and make batter on sparkling water, dry white wine or beer. It is possible to add a dried basil, lemon juice, a black sprinkling pepper, paprika, garlic, a turmeric, cilantro, bay leaf, allspice to this dish. 

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