How tasty to salt garlic

How tasty to salt garlic

Salty garlic is a seasoning which possesses a pleasant sharp taste and is perfectly combined with many products. It is possible to salt garlic in various ways, both heads, and greens will approach for this purpose.

The crushed salty arrows of garlic

Small cut garlic arrows in a salty look can be used as seasoning to a stewed meat, forcemeat, soup, to cook with them sandwiches. For salting it is required to you:

- 1 kg of garlic arrows;

- 200 g of coarse table salt.

Wash up arrows of garlic under flowing water and small cut or crush by means of the blender. Connect chopped garlic to salt, well mix and spread out on clean small banks, from above slightly powder with salt. Close banks covers and remove in the fridge, seasoning will be ready in a week.

Shooters of garlic salty with horse-radish

The garlic arrows salted with horse-radish and spices possess a pleasant flavor and aroma. For their preparation it is required to you:

- young shooters of garlic;

- fennel umbrellas;

- horse-radish root;

- currant sheets;

- bell pepper;

- salt;

- water.

Wash up and dry garlic arrows, spread out them on one-liter glass jars, adding to each several pieces of horse-radish, a pea of a black pepper, fennel and couple of leaves of currant.

Prepare a brine, for this purpose on 1 l of water take 2 tablespoons of coarse salt and boil. Pour the boiling solution on banks, from above lay small cargo and remove a pickles to the cool place. In the first days on a surface of garlic foam will be formed, delete it and drench with boiled water oppression. When process of fermentation ends, add a brine in banks, close them covers and remove in the fridge.

Shooters and leaves of garlic in a brine with vinegar

Garlic arrows can be salted together with leaves, for this purpose you will need to prepare a brine from the following components:

- 1 l of water;

- 50 g of salt;

- 50 g of sugar;

- 100 ml of vinegar of 9%.

Dissolve salt and sugar in water, bring solution to the boil and add to it vinegar. Fill in with this brine, largely cut, spread out on the sterilized banks, garlic greens. Roll up banks tin covers and leave to be cooled, having wrapped up in warm towels, then remove in the fridge.

Salty heads of garlic

If to salt garlic according to this recipe, it can be eaten in five days. For preparation it is required to you:

- 500 g of garlic;

- 100 ml of water;

- 100 ml of vinegar of 9%;

- 10 g of salt;

- 30 g of sugar;

- 3 peas of a black pepper;

- 3 bay leaves.

Remove the top peel from heads of garlic, wash up them and lower for several minutes in the boiling added some salt water. Then take out garlic a skimmer and leave to be cooled, further spread out them on sterile banks.

Connect water with I will drain, sugar and spices, boil and pour in vinegar in a brine. When filling cools down to room temperature, fill in with it garlic and twirl banks covers.

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