How tasty to stuff a pike: recipe

How tasty to stuff a pike: recipe

Every holiday hostesses try to think up something new to giving to a table of beauty and refinement. One of interesting by sight and the dishes shaking on taste for special dinners - the stuffed pike having great aroma and capable to decorate any table.

It is required to you

  • 1 kilogram pike;
    • 100 g of white loaf;
    • 200 ml of milk;
    • 1 egg;
    • 150 g of onions;
    • 2 tablespoons of rice;
    • fennel;
    • mayonnaise;
    • salt;


1. Wash a pike. Peel her, without doing cuts on skin (including on a paunch). Remove fins and the head. If you take frozen fish, then wait for its full defrosting before starting preparation.

2. Make a circular cut a baking plate skin a sharp knife (from the head), having left at the same time two millimeters of meat. Twist skin towards a tail. Continue to cut it from within, turning to a tail. Having reached the end, split a bone that the caudal fin was removed together with skin. Carrying out this procedure, you don't hurry. Slowly and accurately flay, trying not to damage it and to leave in original state for the best quality of a dish.

3. Remove all entrails from fish and cut out the ridge. Separate meat from bones. Pour out milk in a bowl, put in it bread. Clean onions, wash out heads. Cut on large pieces. Wring out bread.

4. Miss via the meat grinder meat of a pike together with onions and bread two-three times. In lack of the meat grinder it is possible to use the blender also. Other option of addition of onions in a dish is to rub it on a small grater; the received puree will have bright onions taste. Small chop greens, mix with forcemeat. There add salt and a black sprinkling pepper.

5. Put a pan with water on strong fire, bring to the boil. Add some salt and put in it rice, boil until ready. Cast away it on a colander, merge all liquid and add to forcemeat. Break in it one egg and carefully mix to homogeneous mass.

6. Take flayed with pikes and accurately fill it with the received forcemeat. Fill it not too densely, otherwise you will break through a gentle thin skin.

7. Cover a baking tray with a foil, lay the stuffed pike on it, apply the head to fish. Grease a carcass with mayonnaise. Inwrap a foil around a pike, it is desirable in two - three layers. Make approximately in the center an opening (it is necessary for a steam-out). In it it is possible to pour in a pure small amount.

8. Warm an oven to 180 degrees and put in it a baking tray with fish. Bake about 1 hour 20 minutes. On the expiration of time get a pike, but don't develop a foil. Completely cool and only then remove a wrapper. It is necessary to serve the dish cold.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team