How to accept in what advantage and harm of seeds of a flax

How to accept in what advantage and harm of seeds of a flax

Flax is one of the most ancient vegetable cultures, but the keen interest in the use of this product in food began to be shown only in the XX century together with increase in human consciousness of relevancy of healthy food. New useful properties of seeds of a flax open researchers every year therefore the considerable number of adherents of healthy food are interested in structure, types and methods of application of this product today.

Flax and its types

Presently in the world there are more than 100 species of a flax, however the most popular and widespread of them — a flax ordinary. This look has 3 subspecies: dolgunets, kudryash and half-wit.

Whether you know? Fabric from a flax is the most ancient as about 10 more thousand years ago began to weave it. This fabric was so easy that even the body was appeared through 5 linen layers of clothes.


The stalk of these subspecies has length about 120 cm, on a top there are 2–3 boxes with grains. Sedentary, serial leaves. The plant the blue flowers collected in the inflorescence in a form reminding an umbrella-shaped brush blossoms. One box of dolgunets gives about 10 oblong grains of a brown shade of an ovoid form. When soaking such seeds stick together. The main destination of cultivation of a fiber flax is fiber.


Is suitable for cultivation of seeds much better, than for receiving fiber. This undersized plant with strongly branching stalk. One such plant gives about 80 boxes of seeds. Grains of a flax-kudryasha differ from grains of dolgunets in larger sizes, they contain 47% of fat thanks to what these subspecies received the name of a Pancake week flax.


The half-wit call still an intermediate flax as it is something average between two previous types. This plant of average height. Boxes on the half-wit are formed more, than on dolgunets, but it is less, than on a kudryasha — 11–25. This look is applicable for receiving both fiber, and oil.

About structure and nutrition value of seeds

Are a part of this plant:

  • polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9);
  • proteinaceous amino acids thanks to what the product has high nutrition value;
  • vegetable cellulose;
  • polysaccharides;
  • ligana or vegetable hormones;
  • F, A, B, E vitamins;
  • macro - and minerals;
  • phytosterols.

Nutrition value on 100 g of a product:

  • proteins — 18.29;
  • fats — 42.16;
  • carbohydrates — 28.88;
  • caloric content — 534 kcal.

Than flax seeds are useful

Before beginning application of a seed of a flax as food, it is necessary to learn that it treats and what impact has on an organism. The linen seed shows the positive qualities if it is correct to prepare it.

The proper correlation in a human body of fatty acids with which this product is saturated well influences all processes of activity. Thanks to the high content of vegetable cellulose, a flax has preventive effect from formation of cancer tumors and promotes increase in immunity.

As rather large amount of polysaccharides is a part of a flax, broth from this product can have the enveloping and bactericidal effect.

The linen seed promotes stabilization of a cardiovascular system, reduction in weight and level of cholesterol in an organism. Also helps to stabilize arterial blood pressure and to improve work of a blood system.

At problems with digestion the lime, sour cream, badger fat, squids, a cornel, Pamela, honey, a tea mushroom, pearl barley, sheet salads, apple cider vinegar, corn can help.

For children

Flax seeds are especially useful to a children's organism. First, if in a diet of the child there is such product, then the risk decreases to catch a cold. Secondly, work of a children's brain considerably improves and decreases a possibility of lag in psychophysical development. Thirdly, the kid becomes more firm to stresses, is guided in space better and finds a way out of difficult situations.

For a female body

First of all, linen grains reduce risk of a breast cancer if to use them regularly.

Whether you know? A breast cancer — the most widespread oncological disease at women (16% of all cases). Statistics shows that risk to receive such diagnosis every 8th woman in the world has.

Thanks to phytoestrogen which is a part of this plant it helps to stabilize a menstrual cycle. Also seeds of a flax help to develop steadily to a fruit during pregnancy. However women use seeds of a flax not only as the remedy helping to improve the general condition of an organism but also in the cosmetology purposes:

  1. Masks from broth of a linen seed help to get rid of problems with dry or oily skin.
  2. Thanks to work of polyunsaturated fatty acids this product helps to get rid of wrinkles.
  3. The uses of this plant promotes strengthening of roots of hair.

For men

Recent researches of the American society of clinical oncology showed that the substances which are a part of a seed of a flax are capable to reduce risk of appearance of tumors in a prostate. Moreover, if at a diet of the man there is this product, cholesterol level in its blood is normalized.

At chronic problems of digestion it is worth paying attention to occupations run, shaping, yoga.

Recipes and scopes of seeds of a flax

Linen seeds are very universal product which is successfully used both in cookery, and in treatment or cosmetology. However it is necessary to know how it is correct to prepare a flax that it did not lose the medicinal properties.


At problems with digestive system: 2 tablespoons of seeds for 10 minutes to fill in 400 ml of boiled water and is on 100 ml before meal. In case of a lock — previously to wet ungerminated seeds and is on 2 spoons few times in day, washing down with a large amount of water.

For fight against parasites: 2 tablespoons of grains to fill in 1 l of water and to hold on a water bath at several o'clock.

Important! This recipe is applicable in cases of need of fight against parasites helminths, but not with ascarids. If you have to get rid of ascarids, add a spicy carnation which has to make 3% of lump of seeds of a flax to the recipe.

For treatment of diseases of a cardiovascular system: 2 tablespoons of a flax to fill in 200 ml of boiled water then — to cool 10 minutes. To use 3 times a day before meal.

For improvement of the general condition of an organism: it is necessary to use several months not less than 5 g of whole grains daily.


Asking a question as it is necessary to accept a linen seed, quite often people resort to recipes of national kitchen. In cookery this product was used still by our old ancestors. Today are known as old recipes of dishes with flax use, and new, adapted for modern culinary requirements.

The most ancient dish, one of ingredients of which is a flax — Dagestan urbech. For its preparation the seeds of a flax should be fried, processed and mixed with honey.

Presently the most widespread direction of use of a flax in food is a preparation of broth which can be drunk in pure form or with additives (dried fruits, syrups, etc.). In such look this product can become excellent additive to soup, porridge, sauce, gravy and even to the test for pastries. Flax decoction can make soup more nourishing and rich, and will give to sauce medicinal properties.

Linen seeds do not need cooking therefore can become quite fast and useful breakfast if for several minutes to fill in them with kefir or milk.


Application of seeds of a flax for weight loss is quite widespread. Grains of a flax have property to envelop stomach walls at the expense of what are excellent means for disposal of excess weight as such film becomes a barrier which blocks a way to fat to intestines walls. Moreover, linen grains have laxative properties, providing a conclusion from an organism of toxins and slags and improvement of processes of metabolism.

It is important! That reception of such means for weight loss did not affect a condition of your liver, use a flax courses in 2 weeks, intervals between which have to make 7 days.

This product can accelerate weight loss process if daily to use it in a ground view with food: to add to porridges, soups, etc. In general, it is necessary to eat 1 tablespoon of linen flour per day.


Mask for dry skin: 2 tablespoons of grains to fill in 400 ml of water, to cook before obtaining sticky consistence. To cool, lay out the received weight on a gauze and to apply on problem sites of skin. To hold 20 minutes, then to wash away not hot water.

Mask for oily skin: To mix 1 tablespoon of a flax with a spoon of small ground porridge and to fill in with milk. To allow mix to infuse, then evenly to put weight on a face and a neck, to wait for about 25 minutes. To wash away warm water.

Mask all-type skin: 2 tablespoons of seeds of a flax to fill in 200 ml of water, to cook 15 minutes. To wait until mix cools down and to add white clay and it is good to mix. To put evenly a mask on a face and a neck, to wait 15 minutes and to wash away.

Means for hair care: 3 tablespoons of seeds to fill in 3 l of water and to weld. To allow mix to infuse about 12 hours, to filter so that there is no grain left and to use after washing of the head.

As eat seeds

Most often grains of a flax are eaten in the form of broths or porridges. Also the use of a flax with kefir is very popular. The glass of kefir is mixed from 1 tablespoon of a flax for the night that the seed infused, and accepted since morning for an hour to food.

Selection criteria

As a rule, it is simple to find sunflower seeds of a flax on store or pharmaceutical shelves or in the markets. A variety of types and offers sets the buyer thinking what seeds it is better to choose. However, any concrete criteria for selection of grains do not exist. It is better to buy them in an integral look and to watch that seeds were not damaged as such grains lose all the useful properties. Also it is necessary to touch a product to the touch and to be convinced that sunflower seeds not zaprevshy and not crude.

Conditions and rules of storage

It is necessary to store such grains in the cool dry place. It is good if sunflower seeds are in a fabric sack, but not in polyethylene packing which does not allow air to arrive to a product.

If you accept a flax in a ground look, it is better to grind grains before the use as they quickly are oxidized in the open air. Or, namol at once a large number to store in densely closed capacity.

Harm and contraindications of a product

Along with quite large amount of useful properties, there are also some contraindications to application a flax seed.

This product can have negative impact on your organism if:

  • not to observe a dosage — the use of grains in too large number can lead to accumulation in an organism of cyanides;
  • to accept them at inflammatory processes in digestive tract;
  • you have problems with a liver;
  • you prepare for operation or have problems with blood clotting;
  • you have an unstable hormonal background or there is a hormonedependent tumor.

In general, if you have no above-mentioned contraindications, then flax seeds will bring you benefit or, on the contrary, harm — depends only on that as well as in what quantities you will accept this product. A flax is a plant which at the correct application can become for you the elixir of youth and medicine helping to cope with a set of widespread diseases. Its seeds can be used in various types: as additive to soup or as morning quick-cooking cereal. It is simple to buy such seed and it do not need any special storage conditions. Everything that is necessary in order that this product brought you benefit — it is correct to accept it and to consider contraindications.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team