How to apply the drawing on cake

How to apply the drawing on cake

The majority of recipes of home-made cakes are simple, and don't demand special knowledge of culinary art. That pastries were not only tasty, but also beautiful – it needs to be decorated. Nuts, fruit, chocolate, various cream, confectionery topping, house jelly or ready marmalade figures, fresh or tinned fruit will be suitable for decoration of cakes.

It is required to you

  • — Confectionery crumb
    • color sugar topping
    • various nuts;
    • — sets of special cliches;
    • — кулечек from a usual tracing-paper
    • confectionery syringe;
    • — chocolate bar
    • caramel;
    • — molds for cookies.


1. Use a confectionery crumb, color sugar topping, various nuts. For example, strew cake with a crumb, and then make an ornament of nuts. It is possible to apply the drawing by means of a fork on the cake covered with cream. Take a usual fork, press it to a cream surface of ready cake and draw a flat or wavy line.

2. Think up a pattern from cream. Squeeze out it from the confectionery syringe, using various nozzles. Nozzles happen various forms, and allow to create jewelry, in the form of flowers, petals, various a ruche, stars, balls, beads and inscriptions.

3. Figured ornaments can be created by means of cliches for cakes. Process of creation of a pattern is rather simple: take such cliche and a small sieve with a small grid. You hold a cliche over preparation of cake, and sift icing sugar or cocoa through a sieve. Grated chocolate or color confectionery topping will be suitable for the same purposes. For them take a sieve with a grid more largely.

4. Put the drawing with the kindled chocolate. Put the kindled chocolate in the confectionery syringe and squeeze out at once, on a cake surface, thinking out the ornament.

5. Prepare a leaf of a tracing-paper, draw with a pencil of a small animal, either leaves, or any patterns. Take the syringe with the kindled chocolate and squeeze out it according to the drawing. If not really there is a lot of chocolate, fill out the drawing only on a contour. The figure will turn out openwork, light. Use different types of chocolate — a contour brown, and fill a figure white.

6. Remove a leaf of a tracing-paper with the drawing to the cool place, wait until chocolate stiffens. Then separate the stiffened chocolate drawing from a tracing-paper and place it on cake. Use a warm knife — you will have no difficulties with separation of the chocolate drawing from a basis. Get ready chocolate figures in shop. Spread out them to surfaces of home-made cake.

7. Decorate jelly cake. For its preparation take gelatin and kill him in cold boiled water for two hours. During this time gelatin will bulk up. Put a cup with gelatin on fire, bring to the boil constantly stirring slowly, then boil thoroughly even minutes five.

8. Add sugar and citric acid to jelly or you can pour in any syrup, the filtered jam, add dye and fragrances. Pour a ready-made product on several saucers as thickness of the stiffened jelly has to be small.

9. Ready knife jelly on pieces or cut out figures by means of molds for cookies. Not to potter with preparation of jelly, you can get ready jelly figures in shop and just spread out them on a cream surface of cake.

10. Decorate cake with fruit. For decoration of confectionery it is possible to use as tinned fruit fresh so. Over pieces of fruit lay the ready, stiffened jelly layer. Pour for this purpose boiled gelatin not on molds, and on the sheet of food wrap laid in a baking dish.

11. The layer of jelly layer has to be thin — 3-5 mm. After hardening of jelly, the film needs to be lifted accurately and together with jelly to turn on a cake surface, a film then to remove accurately.

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