How to bake a chicken

How to bake a chicken

Recipes of roasting of a chicken – great variety. Let's say you wait for guests, you have two weight a chicken approximately in kilogram everyone, and you want to prepare them in different ways. We will start.

It is required to you

  • Two chickens
    • everyone on kilogram,
    • half a kilo of coarse salt
    • olive oil
    • salt
    • buckwheat
    • fennel
    • paprika
    • dry-mixes of spices (to taste).


1. Way first: a chicken on salt. We take about a half a kilo of coarse salt and we pour out it "hill" on a baking tray. We cut a gutted chicken in the middle of a breast and we get him inside on a salt hillock. From above we cover with olive oil, we strew with spices and we put in well heated-up oven for about 40 minutes, before formation of a golden crust. We take out from an oven, accurately we shift to a dish, we allow to cool down slightly, we undress, we use. Than the recipe is good: first, extremely simply. Secondly, salt not only provides uniform warming up of a carcass, but also absorbs excess fats therefore a chicken on salt it is quite possible to consider the dietary recipe (by the way, it also quite good cold appetizer).

2. Way second: a chicken on a lattice. Principle of preparation idle time: on a lattice – a chicken, under a lattice – a baking tray where fat and juice will flow down. We cut a gutted chicken in the middle of a breast, we put on a lattice, we place a lattice in well heated-up oven, on an oven bottom (under a chicken) we put a baking tray. In the course of roasting it is regularly possible to pour over a chicken the flown-down fat, and it is possible to use the flown-down fat differently at the same time having prepared a garnish on the basis of buckwheat cereal. For this purpose on a kilogram chicken the glass of buckwheat undertakes, buckwheat carefully is washed out, gives all the best in a saucepan and is filled in with boiled water so that over grain there was water about a centimeter. So buckwheat costs about half an hour (it it is necessary to stir slowly from time to time) then leans back on a sieve that water flew down. We salt the inflated buckwheat, we add small cut fennel, garlic, dry herbs (all – to taste), and we spread on a baking tray approximately centimetric layer. We put a baking tray on an oven bottom, a baking plate of a chicken. We bake a bird to a golden crust, we take out; we shift porridge in a bowl; a part of a breast is small cut and we implicate in porridge (at will it is possible to add small cut paprika and cilantro). We cut a chicken, we garnish porridge, we give on a table.

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