How to bake a turkey

How to bake a turkey

The turkey is the largest poultry and a special bird in cookery. It has very tasty gentle meat which contains a large amount of easily acquired protein. And the American Thanksgiving Day can't be presented without the baked turkey on a table.

It is required to you

  • Turkey
    • Stuffing
    • Desi
    • Bacon
    • Foil


1. Before preparing a turkey, it is necessary to defreeze her completely. Defreeze a turkey in the fridge on the lower shelf. It is strictly forbidden to use for this purpose hot water or the warm room. It is necessary to consider that the more the size of a bird, the longer she will be defrozen.

2. After the bird was defrozen, it is necessary to stuff her. Stuff a turkey with the chosen stuffing. Usually the dried crushed bread, rice, vegetables, buckwheat enter a stuffing, vegetables, fruit, berries and mushrooms are also often used. It is better not to stamp a stuffing in a bird's carcass densely that the heat evenly passed in a bird and it was baked thoroughly.

3. After a farshirovaniye a turkey it is necessary to grease outside with a desi and to lay from above the prepared lardons. Then it is necessary to salt a turkey and a black pepper.

4. After that for roasting it is necessary to place two leaves of a foil in a form a cross crosswise. Then the turkey is put by a back down and turns around in a foil, but isn't really dense. Around a carcass hot air has to circulate.

5. Then the turkey is put in the warmed hot oven and baked. Initial temperature has to be 220 degrees within 40 minutes as much as possible to warm up both a turkey and a stuffing. After 40 minutes it is necessary to lower temperature to 170 degrees and to continue to prepare a turkey 3 and a half hours.

6. After that the turkey gets from an oven to remove a foil from above. Then the bird needs to be watered with the emitted juice and to send to be reddened in an oven for 40 minutes in temperature of 220 degrees.

7. When 40 minutes passed, it is necessary to check a turkey for readiness. For this purpose it is necessary to make a puncture in the thickest place of a turkey. In a ready bird juice will flow transparent and not pink. If the turkey is ready, she needs to be covered with a foil for 45 minutes and to leave ""infuse"" that juice was evenly distributed on all meat.

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