How to bake bread from rye flour

How to bake bread from rye flour

Rye bread is much more useful than some white white bread. In rye flour there is a set of vitamins and minerals. The useful substances which are contained in black bread help to keep a figure and in general have beneficial influence on an organism. For preparation of a rye bread you don't need to look for remote ingredients. Most likely all of them already are in your house.

It is required to you

  • For ferment:
    • 6-7 grams of crude yeast;
    • 375 milliliters of warm water;
    • 125 grams of flour.
    • For the test:
    • 2 kilograms of rye flour;
    • 750 milliliters of warm water;
    • 20 grams of salt.


1. In the first day it is necessary to make ferment. Dissolve yeast in 375 milliliters of water. Water surely has to be warm, for the best fermentation. But don't use hot water at all: it will cook yeast and ferment won't turn out. Pour 125 grams of flour, replace dough, powder with flour a little, cover with fabric and a cover. Put it to the warm place till tomorrow.

2. In the second day dissolve the turned-out ferment in 250-375 milliliters of warm water that dough became mobile. Carefully mix.

3. Choose big convenient ware which will act as the slouch. Pour in it in residues of warm water and all liquid ferment. Pour about 1/3 part of flour into the turned-out mix. Very quickly mix, level and powder with flour. Close ware a cover and put to the warm place for 12-14 hours.

4. After this time add salt and residues of flour. Now it is necessary to knead long and very carefully dough. After a vymeshivaniye divide dough into loaves, cover them with fabric and leave in the warm place to a raising. They have to increase approximately twice.

5. If you bake bread in the real rural furnace, then its taste will be unforgettable, and time of stay it in the furnace will be 2-2.5 hours. If you use the bread machine, then time of cooking will depend on model (read the instruction).

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