How to bake gingersnap

How to bake gingersnap

The history of emergence of gingersnap according to the legend such is. Very long time ago a certain monk, wishing to diversify rather fresh and monotonous life of the brothers, I decided to prepare for them for a holiday of Sacred Christmas something unusual and surprising. And it is possible, it just accidentally turned in dough for wafers to bank with spicery, but surprising fragrant cookies turned out. And today in Western Europe any New Year's holiday doesn't do without this simple in preparation and very tasty food.

It is required to you

  • - 2 glasses of wheat flour;
  • - 200 grams of sugar (glass)
  • - teaspoon salt-1/4;
  • - a carnation (ground) – 1 teaspoon;
  • - cinnamon (ground) – 2 teaspoons;
  • - ginger (ground) – 2 teaspoons;
  • - cardamom (or a black pepper) - 0.5 teaspoons (for choice);
  • - baking powder 1 a teaspoon (it is possible to replace with soda – 0.5 teaspoons);
  • - eggs-2 pieces;
  • - icing sugar of-150 grams (3/4 glasses).


1. Dough for gingersnap actually is shortcake therefore technology of its preparation same. Connect a soft desi to sugar, add one egg. Properly shake up mix in the blender (minutes 3-5). Carefully stir flour, spicery and baking powder and salt. Add the shaken-up oil there and knead a uniform plastic dough.

2. Its temperature is very important for shortcake dough. That it is easy to cut dough, it is necessary to cool it approximately to 18-20os. Inwrap ready dough in food wrap and put for 15-20 minutes in the fridge. But don't allow overcooling of the test.

3. Roll ready dough in layer about 0.5 cm thick. It is possible to cut out a usual glass circles, but all charm of these cookies consists in a variety of its forms. Special molds cut out various figures. Accurately by means of a wide knife shift them to sprinkled with flour (or laid by parchment paper) a baking tray and bake till golden color at a temperature of 180 degrees about 15 minutes.

4. So far cookies in an oven, prepare glaze. Separate protein, mix it with icing sugar and shake up the mixer before formation of dense foam. It is simple to define readiness of glaze: gather a full teaspoon of glaze, lay out it on a plate, at the same time glaze has to keep the form, not settle and not spread. You can make a part of glaze color. Separate a small amount of ready glaze, drip 2-3 drops of juice of beet, carrots, a chokeberry there, so you receive three different colors.

5. Cool ready cookies and by means of the culinary syringe ornament glaze. Correctly prepared glaze dries up already in a couple of hours.

6. By tradition decorate with these cookies New Year trees, give them in festive sets. Do you want to please the kids? Then, having cut out from the test of cookies, make in everyone a small opening (for example, by means of a thimble) for a ribbon. Tasty Christmas decorations are ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team