How to bake in a sleeve

How to bake in a sleeve

Hostesses of our time appreciated advantages of cooking in a roasting sleeve. First, it is much more useful, than simple frying as food is cooked practically without oil in own juice. And secondly, after a sleeve it isn't necessary to wash a baking tray because all juice remains inside at accurate disclosure of a sleeve.

It is required to you

  • Sleeve for baking
    • Meat (turkey)
    • Bacon


1. In the beginning it is necessary to prepare a turkey for roasting in a sleeve. For this purpose it is necessary to wash out a bird, to dry and rub with spices or previously prepared marinade. If a turkey too fast, the taste can be improved, having wrapped up a bird in strips of thinly cut bacon.

2. After that it is necessary to prepare a roasting sleeve. Usually it is sold by metric area therefore it is necessary to cut off a piece of so-called ""pipe"", it is desirable with a small stock on length that it was possible to tie the ends of a sleeve strong. The oven can still be included on a warming up.

3. Then the prepared turkey it is accurately shifted in a sleeve, slightly we inflate it that the sleeve leaky fitted a bird, and the ends of a sleeve accurately and it is densely tied. Special fastenings usually are on sale together with a sleeve. In some sources in a sleeve recommend to puncture couple of holes for an exit of excess steam is on your discretion.

4. Further the turkey in a sleeve is placed on a baking tray in an oven and time the turkey prepares at the rate of 45 minutes on kilogram of weight.

5. After time pro-procession, a turkey it is necessary to take out from an oven, to accurately cut a sleeve, to get meat and to give garnished.

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