How to bake meat in a pot

How to bake meat in a pot

The meat baked in a clay pot turns out soft, melting in the mouth. It is connected with the fact that ceramic ware provides uniform heating of products and also long preservation of temperature.

It is required to you

  • For meat
    • baked with mushrooms and potatoes in pots:
    • — 800 g of meat (pork or beef);
    • — 1 kg of potatoes;
    • — 600-800 g of mushrooms;
    • — 2-3 napiform onions;
    • — 3 carrots;
    • — 6-8 garlic gloves;
    • — 200 g of cheese;
    • — 6 tsps of a desi;
    • — vegetable oil
    • mayonnaise;
    • — salt
    • pepper
    • greens to taste.
    • For meat
    • baked in a pot with vegetables and fruit:
    • — 800 g of meat;
    • — 600 g of potatoes;
    • — 100 g of prunes;
    • — 250 g of tinned pineapple;
    • — 6 garlic gloves;
    • — 1 pod of hot green pepper;
    • — vegetable oil;
    • — salt
    • fresh ground pepper
    • greens of parsley and fennel to taste.


1. mushroomsand potatoesDry up the meat baked with in a gorshochkevymoyta meat on a paper towel. Cut pulp in large cubes. Peel potatoes and cut with straws. Small chop onions, grate carrots. Clean mushrooms, dry and slice. Miss garlic via the garlic press. Wash up greens, shake water and small chop. Grate cheese on a small grater.

2. Warm vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry meat pieces from two parties to formation of a golden crust. Shift meat in a bowl. In the same frying pan slightly fry mushrooms, then potatoes to semi-readiness. Onions and carrots to a spasseruyta.

3. Distribute ingredients on pots. On a bottom lay out meat. Salt and pepper. From above put carrots and onions. Add garlic. Spread out potatoes to garlic, strew with greens. Then place the fried mushrooms. Once again salt a little.

4. Put 1 tsp of a desi in each pot and pour in 0.5 glasses of water or broth. Strew with cheese and water with mayonnaise. Put pots in warmed up to 180 degrees About an oven for 40 minutes. After meat is baked, take out pots and leave for 15 minutes. At will strew with fresh chopped greens.

5. The meat baked in a pot with vegetables and a fruktaminarezhta meat small cubes. Low-fat pork perfectly will be suitable for this dish. Pepper, salt and leave for 15 minutes for pickling. Cut the cleaned tubers of potatoes with large pieces, cut rings of pineapple on 4 parts, and cut pepper half rings.

6. Sprinkle potatoes vegetable oil, it is desirable olive. Salt, stir and spread out on pots. On potatoes lay out meat. Then several pieces of pineapple, prunes, garlic glove, green pepper. From above put couple of branches of fennel and parsley.

7. Cover pots with covers and put in heated to 200 degrees About an oven. In 15 minutes it is necessary to reduce temperature to 160 degrees With and to leave meat to be baked about half an hour more.

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