How to bake meat in an oven

The meat baked in an oven is a universal dish. It can be put on a holiday table as the main treat or to cut with pieces and to put on sandwiches instead of sausage.

It is required to you

  • Pork steak
    • beef or mutton (1.2-1.5 kg)
    • Carrots
    • Garlic
    • Spices
    • Salt


1. Meat for roasting has to be quality – without rough films and tendons. Besides, it is undesirable to bake too fatty meat as it strongly decreases in volume after preparation. Before roasting surely wash up and dry meat kitchen paper towels.

2. Meat in an oven will turn out much more tasty and more fragrantly if you pickle it previously at several o'clock. Marinades it is possible to use various, for example, tomato paste, mustard or mix of a soy-bean sauce, honey and grated garlic. Surely add favourite spices to marinade. Universal spices are, of course, ground black and paprika. It is also possible to add caraway seeds, allspice, a ground coriander, rosemary, ginger or a basil.

3. It is possible not only pickle, but also to stuff meat. For this purpose make longitudinal cuts on meat and insert into them pieces of vegetables. Usually meat is forced by crude carrots and garlic. If meat absolutely fast, you can stuff it with pieces of the frozen lard. It is better to salt meat directly before sending to an oven. Use at the same time coarse-crystalline salt. If to salt meat at a pickling stage, salt will extend from it a lot of juice.

4. Warm an oven to 220 degrees and put in it a form with meat (it is possible to pour into a form a little water or broth). Short-term influence of high temperature will allow meat to keep the most part of juice inside. In 15 minutes lower temperature to 170-180 degrees and continue preparation of meat in an oven within 1.5-2 hours. In the course of roasting of meat surely water it with the emitted juice.

5. The meat baked in a foil turns out especially juicy. Try to inwrap meat in a foil so that all juice remained inside. For this purpose stack sheets of a foil cross-wise. The foil needs to be developed in 10-15 minutes until the end of preparation that meat managed to become covered by an appetizing crust.

6. Readiness of meat can be checked, having made on it a puncture a fork or a toothpick. If from the place of a puncture transparent juice is emitted, meat is ready. It is better to cut the meat baked in an oven after it cools down.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team