How to bake potato in a foil in an oven

How to bake potato in a foil in an oven

Potatoes – a fine garnish both to fish, and to meat dishes. That only don't do with it – boil, fry, bake. In the baked look, by the way, it as much as possible keeps the valuable nutritive properties and if to bake potato in a foil in an oven, then they will manage to be kept almost completely – starch in that case won't collapse, the majority of vitamins and minerals will also remain. How to prepare such most tasty dish?

It is required to you

  • - new potato with a thin skin,
  • - vegetable oil,
  • - salt, ground black pepper, additional seasonings to taste,
  • - foil.
  • For sauce:
  • 100 grams of sour cream or salad yogurt,
  • 2-3 garlic gloves,
  • 25 grams of spicy greens,
  • 2 small salty or marinated cucumbers.
  • For a stuffing on 8 potatoes of the average size:
  • 150 grams of brisket, bacon, fat (at choice).


1. Preparation of potatoes to запеканиюДля roasting in a foil is the best of all to choose new potato with a thin skin. It is ideal if all potatoes are approximately identical size – then it is possible not to be afraid that separate tubers d not propenutsya properly and will remain crude inside. Very carefully wash out potatoes under a stream of flowing water by means of a sponge or a brush. If a peel thick – it is possible to skim by means of a metal sponge. Attentively examine tubers, cut off all damaged places, remove "eyes". Dry.

2. The basic recipe baked you kartofelyanatrit the prepared tubers oil. It can be any – often for this purpose use sunflower or olive oil (as refined, and isn't present), but it is possible to take both linen, and sesame, and cedar. The taste of the baked potatoes is rather neutral, and fragrant oils usually perfectly enrich it. Besides, the thin, evenly put butter layer will allow potatoes better пропечься from all directions. It is possible to process tubers as hands, and by means of a silicone culinary brush.

3. Salt tubers and a freshly ground black pepper. It isn't obligatory to be limited to such set of seasonings – it is possible to add both other spices and spicy herbs to taste. Different types of aromatic pepper, a turmeric, paprika, a curry, garlic, a chaber, a thyme, a marjoram, rosemary, fennel, parsley, a basil and so on are well combined with potatoes. If fresh herbs are used – it is possible not to rub with them tubers, and to inwrap a branch - another be green together with potatoes in a foil.

4. Pin tubers a fork in several places or make from different sides several enough deep cuts. Often lose sight of this point – and meanwhile it will allow potatoes пропечься evenly.

5. Densely, with an overlap, inwrap each potato in a leaf of a foil. It is better if the brilliant party is turned inside – in that case heat will be reflected less from the surface of metal. It is better to put a thin foil which width of a leaf is 8-9 microns in two layers – it will allow to avoid accidental gaps.

6. Lay out potatoes in a foil on a lattice or a baking tray. You shouldn't put them densely – between tubers there have to be gleams which will allow hot air to circulate freely between them, allowing to be baked thoroughly evenly from all directions.

7. Bake in the oven which is in advance warmed up to the temperature of 200-220 degrees. If you use a gas oven with the lower heating – at an interval of 15-20 minutes overturn potatoes. If you have an electric oven which is evenly heating up both from above and from below, there is no special need for this procedure. Potatoes in a foil reach readiness approximately for an hour, however, if tubers big by the size – time of roasting need to be increased. It is possible to check readiness, having taken out and having developed one potato and having checked it for a puncture a fork or a toothpick.

8. Potatoes baked thus are good as a garnish to meat, fish dishes or bird dishes. It is perfectly combined with various salads from a fresh vegetables, and can act and "solo", as full-fledged second course. Large potatoes can be served directly in a foil, previously having developed to the middle and having unbent a foil "sides". It is possible to cut potato in half or to slice, add from above a piece of a desi and to strew with small cut greens. Small tubers can be exempted from a foil and to give entirely.

9. The recipe of sauce to the baked kartofelyukhoroshy addition to the baked potatoes served as an independent dish can serve the sauce made on the basis of sour cream or unsweetened salad yogurt. For its preparation squeeze out 2-3 segments of garlic in a basis and add small cut fresh greens of parsley, fennel, a basil or cilantro. It is possible to use feathers of green onions. Well mix, add couple of small cut marinated or salty cucumbers. Deeply make an incision the baked potato, without finishing a section, slightly move apart halves and plentifully water with the turned-out sauce.

10. Baked potatoes about nachinkoypecheny potatoes are tasty also in itself, but if to bake it with additives stuffings, it can enrich a dish with additional flavoring notes and give to potatoes aroma. As a stuffing often use thin slices of lard, bacon, bacon and other fat meat products. Smoked product can complement with brynza and fresh greens. It is possible to use for a sdabrivaniye of potatoes and chicken, duck or mutton fat – it considerably will raise dish caloric content, but the taste and a smell of ready baked potatoes will be just delightful.

11. In that case the tubers prepared for roasting cut lengthways on the center. Depth of a section has to be about 3/4 potatoes – the root crop has to "reveal", but at the same time not collapse on two parts. After that the slice of the product chosen for a stuffing invests in a section. Now halves of a tuber should be squeezed and most densely to inwrap the filled potato in a foil and to put on a lattice a section up. After that to bake as well as in the basic recipe, but without overturning – differently the kindled fat won't soak tuber pulp, and will flow out in a foil.

12. Large potatoes sometimes fill with "accordion" – having made not one longitudinal section, and several parallel each other cross, and having enclosed a stuffing in each of them. In that case, by the way, large tubers will also be baked thoroughly slightly quicker.

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