How to bake red fish

How to bake red fish

Recipes with red fish at housewives are held in high esteem. Women with pleasure add a useful product to soups and salads, cook cutlets, quenelles. And here not everyone is able to bake red fish in an oven. Many women consider that the dish will turn out dry, and don't risk to put experiments. Actually if to know the checked recipe, then it is possible to make just delicious food.

It is required to you

  • - 6 flank steaks of red fish (the humpback salmon, a Siberian salmon will approach);
  • - 1 large tomato;
  • - 150 g of a hard cheese;
  • - 1 large bulb;
  • - Dried basil, fennel and salt to taste.


1. Take a baking tray, carefully oil it vegetable. Wash up flank steaks of fish, dry a paper towel, distribute in a form for roasting.

2. Remove a peel from a bulb, cut any pieces. Their size will depend on personal preferences. In some families love the baked onions large segments, but from the esthetic point of view the thin ringlets of vegetable look more beautifully.

3. Spread out the cut onions to fish. Wash up tomato, remove at it inedible parts and cut with rings. It is possible to cut a tomato also large segments – a matter of taste.

4. Spread out tomatoes over onions, from above flavor a dish I will merge, a basil, fennel or any other seasonings at choice. If desired it is possible to spray vegetables lemon juice. Sourish notes will add to piquancy food.

5. Grate cheese, evenly distribute it on vegetables. Send a baking tray with a small fish to the oven warmed up to 180 °C. Preparation time of a dish – 25 minutes. Sometimes fish it is required to bake longer. It depends on the sizes of pieces and on operation of the gas stove.

6. Now you know how to prepare red fish in an oven. It is possible to serve the tasty dish with potatoes of puree or any other garnishes. Though without any additions the red fish will be tasty, juicy and nourishing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team