How to beat whites

How to beat whites

Egg whites are widely applied at production of confectionery: biscuits, meringue, meringues, puddings, casseroles, souffle. That well to shake up them, it is possible to use the modern kitchen equipment or ancient devices, it is important to follow certain rules.


1. The main secret of magnificent proteins – fresh eggs. Old and long stored are shaken up badly and quickly become watery. Besides, for pastries and desserts it is better to take not home-made eggs, but store: they are less subject to salmonellosis, and structure of protein less dense. Anyway before use well wash up them with soap and dry a towel.

2. The next moment – the correct ware. Best of all the glass or made of stainless steel bowl with a round bottom will be suitable for beating, but it is possible to take also the enameled or ceramic capacity. Don't use aluminum ware: proteins will get a gray shade. It is important that the bowl for beating was wide: due to circulation of air in it weight will well be enriched with oxygen and will be magnificent.

3. Earlier production of cakes and cakes was heavy work as all ingredients were shaken up manually by means of various venichok, a veselok and even forks. The electric mixer solved this problem: now the proteinaceous mass of the necessary consistence can be received in only a few minutes. If you are a happy owner of this miracle of the equipment, choose a nozzle in the form of a frame.

4. Regardless of which you use ware or the tool for beating of proteins, they has to be ideally clean and dry as the drop of water or fat will nullify all your efforts. Carry out preliminary preparation: wipe all necessary stock with mix of 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tsp of salt, then wipe dry a paper towel, but don't rinse with water.

5. It is considered to be that whites should be beaten cooled, but many culinary specialists recommend to use for beating of egg of room temperature. Proteins from the fridge can be heated slightly in a bowl, having lowered it for 1-2 minutes in hot water.

6. Beginning beating, quickly mix proteins within 3-4 seconds at great speed of the mixer, then transfer to the slowest and gradually increase it to fast. Proteins are ready when they gained snow-white color, and weight tries to keep step with a nozzle and forms the sharp brilliant pikes which are slightly hanging down on tips. They can be used for any pastries or desserts, and for meringue and meringues it is necessary to continue beating to steady peaks.

7. Sugar when beating proteins needs to be entered gradually and small portions when weight increases by 3-4 times, filling up with a thin stream. That it was quicker dissolved, previously crush it in powder.

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