How to begin to lose weight without harm to health

How to begin to lose weight without harm to health

Can't you reduce excess weight though for hours you do fitness? Remember about the food, the best diet is the correctly picked up diet. Never late to begin to eat properly, we what we eat. Take care of the health and feel result from the first days of a healthy diet.

Do you thumb through the next magazine, you will come across the heading "Diets", but still any didn't result in the promised results? I want to share with you secrets of the correct weight loss, and, the main thing effective which not only will allow to feel attractive, but also healthy!

The first rule: don't wait for fast results, the you will dump more than a kg in a week, the bigger stress expects your organism. Loss of 3-4 kg a month (but not as promise diets on the Holy Spirit in 5 kg in a week) - here that is considered healthy norm.

You remember a saying: "Eat a breakfast itself, share a lunch with the friend, and give a dinner to the enemy"? And so, it is possible to listen to it only partially because in day you have to have at least 5 meals: full-fledged breakfast, light second breakfast, lunch, the first dinner, and unnutritious dinner. Between them it is possible to have a bite solvable products about which you will read below.

Before each meal drink a glass of water in 30 minutes prior to food for several reasons:

  • To distinguish feeling of thirst from hunger (yes, not always we want to eat, perhaps, the organism asks liquids).
  • Prepare a stomach for work and set new speed for work of an organism.
  • Since morning it is recommended to add couple of drops of lemon juice to water, you will be able quickly to wake up.
  • This regular procedure will accelerate weight loss process!

It is impossible to miss a breakfast at all, surely stock up with protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, the necessary minerals. I want to warn at once the breakfast of the "English" type won't approach here. Fried, fat will "press" on a stomach. It is the best of all to begin new day with the porridge cooked on water mixed up with fruit and nuts, light sandwich with whole-grain bread and cheese (cottage cheese, ricotta).

Chocolate only to 12! It can be your having a snack between the first and second breakfast, we will allow.

For the second breakfast it is desirable to eat fruit, cottage cheese or egg.

The lunch has to consist of products of the correct combination surely. Any meat with potato, forget about such tandem forever, fish and potato it is possible, meat isn't! Prepare a vegetable salad, the boiled or baked fish (chicken breast), and rice. Any dessert and zapivaniye of food!

We eat fruit strictly till 5 p.m., in them there is a sugar too, and to ladies on a diet, it will be at all not by the way.

We have supper by the principle "Give carbohydrates and fats to enemies" to the period from 17-18 o'clock. Include in an evening diet seafood, light chicken meat, eggs, cottage cheese, vegetables, mushrooms. Combine!

Isn't after 18 – the myth! These are nonsenses which can bring your health to a condition of critical. In 3–4 hours prior to a dream drink a glass of kefir or eat cottage cheese, dairy products as it is possible will prepare your organism for rest better (on a note: after 10 in the evening the stomach doesn't work, he has a rest, and, so in it it is impossible to push "one last small piece", otherwise, speaking to simple words, fat will accrue).

Finally it would be desirable to remind: don't forget about physical activities, a diet on healthy food - only one step on the way to desired forms. Diligent physical trainings, subordination to a biorhythm and, of course, huge desire and self-confidence will help you to begin to lose weight without damage to health. Success in your undertaking! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team