How to boil cabbage

How to boil cabbage

Cabbage — very popular vegetable in a diet of any family. She is a part of a set of dishes, but also itself quite can act solo, being the only ingredient of a useful and tasty garnish. Boiled cabbage is an ideal partner for hot meat and fish dietary dishes. There are several species of cabbage with unique properties, taste and vitamin-mineral structure special, inherent in each of them. In a boiled look usually use the following species of cabbage: white, Bruxelles, Savoy, broccoli, color and kohlrabi. To prepare the simplest and at the same time nutritious and gentle garnish from cabbage it is necessary to use the following recommendations which will differ a little depending on the species of cabbage chosen by you.


1. Clean a white and Savoy cabbage from an unsuitable topmost leaves, wash up and cut on 4-8 parts (depending on the size of a head of cabbage), remove cabbage stump. Put the cut cabbage in the boiling added some salt water and boil within about 12-15 minutes to full readiness. To keep color of cabbage, don't cover ware. Then cast away cabbage on a colander, cool a little and cut into cubes. When giving on a table as a garnish add a desi to cabbage.

2. Carefully wash out a cauliflower, clean from a topmost leaves, remove cabbage stump and divide into inflorescences, thick stipitates can be cut with circles. Boil cabbage in the boiling water or for couple 4-5 minutes. The boiled cauliflower has to remain a little crunchy.

3. Wash out a Brussels sprout, if necessary clean from yellow leaflets and place kochanchik in the boiling added some salt water for 5-10 minutes. Don't allow an excessive razvarivaniye! Cast away ready cabbage on a colander.

4. Broccoli cabbage, prepeeled and sorted on small inflorescences, it is only enough to boil slightly on couple or in the added some salt water within 2-5 minutes. The inflorescences, the longer cooking time are larger.

5. Cabbage of a kohlrabi is boiled as well as potatoes. Wash up a kohlrabi and clean from the top layer. Place heads of cabbage in the hot added some salt water and boil within 20-30 minutes. For definition of readiness of vegetable it is possible to pierce a kohlrabi a fork or a knife. If the kohlrabi is already ready, then it will be rather easy to make it. Take out a ready kohlrabi from water, cut circles or straws and give to a table.

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