How to breed a trout?

How to breed a trout?

Cultivation of a trout – occupation though difficult, but productive, with 1 hectare of a surface of a pond it is possible to receive to 1000 c of fish. In fish breeding are popular iridescent and a brook trout. In view of that it is a river fish, and conditions for her cultivation have to be corresponding.

It is required to you

  • The prepared pond
  • Separate trays for berries
  • Certain pools for larvae
  • Forage for a trout


1. Support necessary climatic conditions for cultivation of fish. Water temperature has to be 15-18os, and content of oxygen in it – 7-8 мгл. The trout is sensitive to muddy water which not only complicates its breath, but also can lead to decrease in intensity of food, and, as a result, death of an individual.

2. Create conditions for artificial insemination of a trout. Select the best producers and place them separately from each other at the rate of 25-30 шткв. m.

3. Trace that moment when caviar ripens then begin its decantation. For this purpose, having caught several females, squeeze out caviar in net capacity. Carry out the similar procedure with males, having squeezed out their semen. Having added a little water, mix the turned-out weight a goose quill and leave for 3-5 minutes.

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