How to calculate diet caloric content

How to calculate diet caloric content

Calculation of calories – process simple, however extremely useful both for men, and for women. At the same time it is unimportant, you have superfluous or not. Operating the caloric content of your diet, you will be able to hold the weight normal or, if necessary, to increase or reduce it.

Calculation of standard daily rate

There is the standard formula by which the standard daily rate of the use of calories taking into account growth, the weight and age calculates. It looks as follows: (growth — age) x 6 + (weight x 20), where growth in cm, age advanced in years, and weight in kilograms.

If you conduct rather mobile image, this formula to you will approach. However, considering that at everyone the level of physical activity during the day considerably differs, two persons with identical values of growth, weight and age can have absolutely different standard daily rate of caloric content. Therefore use better more perfect formula which will allow to calculate your daily power consumption.

For 18-30 years: (0.0621 x weight in kg +2.0357) x 240dlya 31-60 years: (0.0342 x weight in kg +3.5377) x 240starshe 60 years: (0.0377 x weight in kg +2.7546) x 240 Received value increase by 1.1 if you lead a sedentary life, on 1.3 – moderately active lifestyle or on 1.5 if your work demands physical expenses or active sports activities. Thus, you calculate the day consumption rate of calories at which observance your weight will be approximately in the same state. If you want to lose weight, take away 20% of the received value. If you, on the contrary, need to put on weight, add 20%. For an example it is possible to take the woman of 30 years who weighs 65 kg and leads an inactive life. Using the formula stated above, you receive value of 1603 Kcal. If it wants to lose weight, it needs to subtract 20%, that is 320 Kcal from this number. As a result the daily caloric content of a diet of this woman will be 1283 before obtaining desirable result. It will be necessary only to consider how many calories you use in day. For this purpose it is necessary to watch carefully the food and to write down everything that you eat. Create the special table which you will keep during the day. You enter data on products with the indication of their weight in it (at least approximate). Further, using the table of caloric content of products, consider your individual daily calorie intake. Compare the received values to the calculated norm and if necessary adjust the diet, removing from it excess products or replacing them with others – less or more high-calorie.

Correct distribution of caloric content of a diet

In order that calculation of caloric content of your diet really brought you benefit, it is necessary not just to follow figures, but also it is correct to distribute them during the day. Break the day into 5 meals: breakfast, the second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Try to eat the most part of high-calorie products for breakfast and for lunch (about 25% and 35% respectively of the total amount of Kcal), for the second breakfast and a dinner – is twice less also for an afternoon snack – only about 10%. For example, if your standard daily rate of 1400 Kcal, then you have to eat for breakfast 350 Kcal, for the second breakfast – 210 Kcal, for lunch – 490 Kcal, for an afternoon snack – 140 Kcal and for dinner – 210 Kcal.

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