How to check quality of alcohol

How to check quality of alcohol

If you don't work in Rospotrebnadzor, then to measure by eye the quality of alcohol happens very difficult. And poisonings with alcohol-containing products in our country always are on the first place. Anyway, before drinking the drink causing suspicions check it in the following ways.

We will take at first vodka. The first way is that in 25 g of vodka it is necessary to pour 25 g of sulfuric acid. If liquid became black, it is impossible to drink such vodka categorically. Anyway, turned out it is necessary to pour out. For the second method you will need a litmus piece of paper. If it reddens at immersion in vodka, such alcohol it is better not to drink too – in it too high amount of harmful acids.

For wine there is other examination. Place the small container with wine in glass with water a neck down, at the same time the opening of a vessel has to be clamped by a finger. When the neck is completely in water, the finger can be removed carefully. If wine mixes up with water – wine means "fake", not natural. Than quicker wine settles on a bottom of a glass, it is worse than subjects.

The quality of beer is checked differently. With beer it is necessary to add acetic acid to a glass (the deposit isn't formed yet). The turned-out liquid shouldn't taste bitter. Otherwise, in this drink there are a lot of extraneous impurities. In beer sometimes find picric acid. It is very dangerous too. It is easy to define its existence too. The pan with beer needs to be put on fire and to wait until it begins to boil. After that dip into a pan white woolen fabric for about 10 minutes. If beer good, fabric has to remain white, became yellow – don't drink this beer. Care for the health and you remember preventions of the Ministry of Health. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team