How to choose a chicken for preparation of char-grilled chicken

How to choose a chicken for preparation of char-grilled chicken

Char-grilled chicken is cooked only from the young chickens pickled in spices and herbs. This rather simple treat was thought up in Georgia, and the name received from a heavy cover of "tapak" with which surely covered a frying pan with the fried chickens.

How to choose a chicken for frying

For preparation of this dish it is important to use not chicken, namely young chickens. Their meat rather gentle is also ideal for short heat treatment. Besides, char-grilled chicken are fried in a frying pan entirely, and chicken should be cut therefore the completely different dish will already turn out.

That the treat turned out tasty, it is the best of all to buy fresh carcasses. For the lack of such opportunity costs will stop on the cooled chickens. And here it is better not to use the frozen products as in defrosting operation from it a large amount of juice will follow and the structure of meat fibers will be broken. Besides, the bird is often frozen with the special moisture-holding solution containing not too useful chemical elements.

When choosing chickens it is worth paying attention to their appearance and a smell. Their thin skin has to have uniform white-yellow color, and meat – a pinkish color without dark stains. The carcass has to be without blood coagulums, ruptures, residues of down, an unpleasant odor and pieces of ice. The quality product on packing always has the sign state standard specification, and on skin a round stamp of veterinary supervision. Perfectly also broilers are suitable for preparation of this dish, it is only a meat breed of a bird, but not sign of availability of hormones in them. The main thing that they were young and fresh.

How to make char-grilled chicken according to the classical recipe

Ingredients: - 2 carcasses of chickens; - 4 bay leaves; - black pepper of a coarse grinding; - salt to taste; - 2-3 garlic gloves; - vegetable and a desi for frying. Carefully wash up chickens and dry up them on a napkin. Cut a carcass of a chicken on a breast and turn out it so that it became flat. Beat off it from the inside. Then properly rub with mix from salt, pepper, the cut garlic and the broken bay leaf. Lay the pickled bird in a pan a baking plate heavy oppression and remove in the fridge. 3-6 hours later get carcasses, take them at the room temperature a little, and then clean from segments of garlic and bay leaf, otherwise they will burn in the course of frying. Warm in a frying pan in equal proportions vegetable and a desi, lay a carcass of a chicken and fry it to a ruddy crust from two parties. It is necessary to do it on big fire and under a heavy cover. Then in the same way prepare also the second chicken. Serve a ready-to-eat meal to a table with gentle mashed potatoes, rice or an asparagus.

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