How to choose a protein for a set of muscle bulk and weight loss

How to choose a protein for a set of muscle bulk and weight loss

Consumption of enough proteins plays an important role in food of athletes. At a lack of protein of an organism the process of growth of muscles, their restoration after loadings slows down and there are other failures in work of an organism. Insufficient consumption of proteins can be dangerous to the people who are often experiencing big physical activities. Their surplus is also not useful. Let's consider what advantage and harm protein additives to the men and women who are engaged in physical activities, their versions and as to accept them in the different purposes, the review of the best products can do.

What is a protein

These are organic polymers which part 20 amino acids among which there is a lot of irreplaceable are usually, that is not synthesized an organism from other proteins.

Proteins (proteins) are an important battery and in the course of digestion break up to amino acids which serve as construction material for synthesizing of the proteins. It is the main construction material for a body.

They participate in formation of immunity and perform many important functions. The protein, unused for own proteins, is transformed to glucose which is a power source.

Whether you know? In a human body about 100,000 various proteins which consist of different combinations of 20 amino acids meet. Up to 20% of mass of our body is a protein.


Accords welcome of protein additives on an organism of men and women the following positive effects:

  • increases gain of muscular volumes. At the same time force and endurance increases;
  • improves sports indicators and results;
  • delivers a full range of amino acids including irreplaceable in an organism;
  • it is better acquired, than protein from meat products;
  • unloads digestive system;
  • does not comprise additional elements as the excess fat and carbohydrates increasing weight;
  • stops catabolism and feeds an organism;
  • the dosed reception of a soy protein positively affects on an organism in the period of a female climax as contains the substances similar to women's hormones which shortage so is reflected during this period.


This nutritional supplement has a number of side effects:

  • some types of protein dietary supplements can cause food allergy and frustration. But if one type of a protein did not approach (contains lactose or other badly transferable element), then other type of additives can approach;
  • high doses of proteins are loading for a liver and kidneys. If the person in work of these bodies has failures, then it is better to refuse intake of such additives or to dose strictly under observation of doctors;
  • proteins of soy contain the substances similar to women's hormones therefore it is better for male not to abuse it as it can lower testosterone and promote fat accumulation;
  • they have not the best taste.

Important! It is impossible to accept protein additives at food poisoning as they can interfere with recovery and can worsen a state.


Now proteins for sports food learned to allocate from different products. Happen in the form of a concentrate, isolate and hydroisolate. Isolate is the cleaned concentrate and has higher share of proteins. Hydroisolate is fermented and is more easily acquired by an organism. They usually have specific taste, and manufacturers add to them natural nutritional supplements, for example, of cocoa. It is better to use a product without additives on low-fat milk with cocoa additive.

The following proteins are usually used:

  • pea. As material for its receiving serve pea grains. It is used not only in food of athletes, and both in dietary food and for vegetarians. Contains up to 88% of a clean protein which is acquired for 98%. In it most of all arginine, there is a lot of lysine and glutamine, it is hypoallergenic. Additive from this bean does not contain fats at all, and in it there is no phytoestrogen that does it more acceptable for the stronger sex;
  • oat. One more product of plant origin which quite often for the best ratio of amino acids is recommended to accept with pea protein. In it there are already no more than 56% of protein and also vegetable fat, carbohydrates, minerals and other substances which are in material for its production — oats bran. This type of proteins contains many antioxidants (vitamin E, avenantramida). Also does not cause an allergy and it can be used not only in sports, but also dietary food, even for children;
  • serumal. It is most quickly acquired by an organism and perfectly approaches in the period of a set of muscle bulk and combustion of fat. It is made of cheese making waste — whey. Contains 60–95% of protein depending on a way of production. This type of a protein is carried also to medical dietary supplements and applied to treatment of heart diseases. It is considered that its reception reduces risk of developing of oncological diseases. As well as any product from milk, contains casein and lactose which can be a source of allergic reactions and rejections, but their share much less, than in other proteins from molokoprodukt;
  • casein. Also is made of milk and it turns out at its stvorazhivaniye. It is acquired by an organism slowly, and it is recommended to be accepted before going to bed or during other periods of long rest. It well supports muscle tissue and improves work of the immune system. Promotes faster restoration after traumatism cases. Gives sense of fulness and can quite replace one meal;
  • whole-milk. Set of the previous dairy proteins — casein (about 85%) and serumal (15%). It can be accepted for day, it is desirable in the form of a geyner, using milk or water. Such drink is very nutritious and can replace meal. The serumal protein is soaked up quickly and assimilation and effect of casein longer begins to work at once, and. It promotes more effective and long effect of this additive;
  • soy. Is made of soy and contains a lot of glutamine and arginine, phytoestrogen. Isolates do not contain the substances similar to women's hormones any more. This vegetable protein is most worse acquired by an organism, but is a full-fledged source of protein that very important to vegetarians. It has the lowest cost, and at it there are antioxidants;
  • egg. Contains in itself a large amount of necessary amino acids. It is better to stop the choice on option from whole eggs. It should be noted that this protein is very nutritious.

From these proteins sometimes produce mixes which contain a bigger range of amino acids and useful substances.

Whether you know? Protein from boiled eggs is acquired almost completely, and from crude — only half. Egg white is carried to the most high-quality proteins.

As it is correct to choose a protein

Men and women can pick up to themselves protein additives with the different purpose. Someone places emphasis on extension of muscles, someone needs to lose excess weight and to tighten a figure, and there are persons interested to support already existing weight.

For achievement of the purposes it is important to choose a quality product and to consider possible allergic reactions. With intolerance of dairy products it is better for people to refuse a serumal, casein and whole-milk product even if it is high quality.

For maintenance of weight it is enough to use protein additives at the rate of 1 g of pure protein on 1 kg of weight, and during the inflating of muscles and weight loss this norm practically doubles.

For growth of muscles

For a set of muscle bulk use usually following types of proteins:

  • serumal. He begins to act quickly, and he is accepted just before power loadings or right after them. This look best of all is suitable for beginners as allows to see results quickly;
  • casein. Will not allow to starve to muscles and perfectly supports and increases muscles, but it is slowly soaked up;
  • egg. Contains all amino acids necessary for extension of muscles, and it is easily acquired;
  • pea. Perfectly will suit the beginning athletes and vegetarians;
  • complex. The protein additives containing the listed components.

Also it will be useful for you to learn whether it is harmful and as the protein affects an organism whether it is necessary to drink a protein for the night whether it is possible to drink the stitched protein.

Experts claim that for a set of weight of muscles it is the most useful to accept proteins in the next two hours after power loadings.

For weight loss

The consumption of protein cocktail at trainings which is followed by reduction in a food allowance of carbohydrates and fats perfectly promotes dropping extra kilos. However many types of proteins are rather nutritious, and excess weight with them is lost not so quickly.

Best of all the serumal protein will be suitable for such cocktails. And it is recommended to buy isolate as it contains the greatest number of protein and the smallest quantity of other components able to affect weight. Casein which contains a lot of calcium that is an important point in various programs of weight loss will also be the good choice. It causes sense of fulness and can replace a dinner.

To use protein additives and cocktails if desired it is necessary to lose weight between meals — it will allow to lower feeling of hunger and during meal to be sated with smaller quantity of food, will support good metabolism and level of hormones.

The beginners who only began to train have to understand that along with combustion of fat muscles are increased, and changes in weight will be not so considerable as change of forms and volumes.

Important! Buying such additive, it is necessary to pay attention to structure to exclude products with existence of sugars and fats.

For maintenance of weight

Elderly people that there was no age loss of muscle bulk, should consume proteins evenly during the day, but not once per day. They should pay the attention to dietary proteins of plant origin and mix with them as the organism acquires them better, and they do not contain cholesterol.

If digestive system well works and there are no problems with assimilation of molokoprodukt, then the casein containing calcium well will approach. Such food will help to keep to elderly people of a muscle and vital activity. At such age it is the best of all to entrust selection of nutritional supplements to the expert and to get before it advice of the doctor.

How to distinguish a fake

The great popularity of mixes of a protein as sports food led to emergence in the markets and some shops of fakes. Besides for nothing the spent money, such fakes can cause damage to health.

Therefore it is very important to know how to distinguish quality protein mix from a fake:

  • first of all it should be taken into account the label on bank. It should not be pasted crookedly and lag behind a container;
  • it is obligatory to check an expiration date as the overdue goods are not so useful and gives any more not that effect which is expected;
  • it is necessary to go online and to attentively consider how packing on the official site of the producer precisely has to look;
  • to verify structure on the website of the producer and on packing of the acquired mix.

There are ways which will quickly define availability of protein or its absence in mix. And here the quality and amount of protein can be revealed only in vitro.

Let's consider them:

  • crunch. If to rub a few protein fingers, then it crackles as snow;
  • smell. Proteins always exude a few smell of decay. At people who long accept protein mixes the characteristic smell from a mouth is observed;
  • sticks. If at test on taste protein mix sticks to gums, is displaced and forms small lumps, then it is original;
  • stir mix in a shaker. At such mixing the high quality protein foams a little, but does not leave a sediment.

Not to doubt quality of goods and does not suffer, a fake or not, it is necessary to buy protein mix in specialized shops of sports food and to choose the brand which well proved in the market.

At the same time it is important to read structure of a product — the quality product will not contain too many components. Usually their no more than 10.

As it is correct to use

The recommended minimum dose for growth of muscle bulk of the person — 1.5 g of a protein on 1 kg of weight a day. When choosing norm it is necessary to consider a food allowance, that is to consider amount of the consumed protein in day with food.

Learn more how it is correct to drink a protein.

The recommended amount of protein on 1 kg of weight will be a miscellaneous depending on a floor.

For men:

  • for weight loss — 2 g;
  • for maintenance of weight — 1.2-1.5 g;
  • for a set of weight — 2 g.

For women:

  • for weight loss — 1.2-1.5 g;
  • for maintenance of weight — 1-1.3 g;
  • for a set of weight — 1.2-1.5 g.

When calculating a necessary portion of protein it is necessary to consider that protein mixes do not support clean 100% of squirrels in the structure. Its quantity usually fluctuates in the range of 70-80%. This mix is used, mixing it with liquid — water, juice, milk.

Important! It is impossible to fill in protein mixes with boiled water as at such processing of squirrels loses the properties.

The recommended dose needs to be divided into two receptions. It is better to carry out reception between food. It is good to accept after the training between a breakfast and a lunch and also between a lunch and a dinner. In many respects reception of proteins depends on a type of additive and the purpose which you want to reach.

It is possible to drink also all at once, but in this case a number of protein will not be acquired.

For weight loss the protein is accepted not as additive to food and as food. Thus, a part of a diet is replaced with it. So, it is possible to replace with protein mix a dinner or a breakfast. It is done to provide intake of protein without increase in calories.

Rating of the best protein complexes

Sports food is in demand in the world of sport. Many professional athletes and fans use a protein for maintenance of in good physical shape. To find out what firm it is better to get sports food, we will consider a top of the best protein complexes.

Elite Whey from Dymatize

Includes a concentrate of a serumal protein and its isolate in the structure. Contains many amino acids which act as excellent means for extension of muscles. Contains enzymes (protease, lactoses, a lipase) helping to acquire well a protein and to avoid problems with a GIT in structure. There are sweeteners (to atsesulfa, a sucralose, extract of leaves of a stevia) and also gene-modified oil of soy. The fragrances impacting relish on 11 positions are added: vanilla, berry, chocolate, orange and other.

Content of nutrients:

  • protein — 74%;
  • fat — 6%;
  • carbohydrates — 11%.

One dose of medicine (32.4 g) contains 24 g of a protein, about 5 g of BCAA. Nutritiousness — 114 kcal.

This powder is perfectly dissolved in liquid. And here cocoa in chocolate Elite Whey from Dymatize is not absolutely dissolved.

The price in shops on average following: 4.5 kg — 4.6 thousand rubles, 2.3 kg — 2.8 thousand rubles, 0.9 kg — 2.36 thousand rubles.

It is favorable to buy packing of 4.5 kg with existence of different tastes at once. In these products an excellent combination of the price and quality.

Ultra Whey Pro from Universal Nutrition

Contains a concentrate of serumal proteins and isolate, glyutaminovy peptides in the structure. The recommended dose includes 22 g of a protein. Content of nutrients:

  • protein — 74%;
  • fat — 5%;
  • carbohydrates — 12%.

Nutritiousness — 116 kcal.

One dose of medicine (30 g) contains 22 g of a protein, BCAA (leucine, an isoleucine and valine) and also calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium. Rather low content of cholesterol. Also fragrances for taste are added.

Such mix is perfectly dissolved in liquid.

For reception recommend a dose 1–2 measured spoons to stir in a glass 0.2 liters of water or skim milk.

The price in shops on average following: 4.5 kg — 5.99 thousand rubles, 2.3 kg — 4.4 thousand rubles, 0.9 kg — 2.4 thousand rubles, 7.3 kg — 5.5 thousand rubles, 3 kg — 4.5 thousand rubles.

Whether you know? At high consumption of proteins it is necessary to drink waters more. The recommended intake of liquid sometimes reaches 5 liters a day. Experts also advise to increase calcium and group of vitamins B in a diet.

100% of Whey Gold Standard of Optimum Nutrition

Contains a concentrate of serumal protein and its isolate, peptides. Content of nutrients:

  • protein — 82%;
  • fat — 3%;
  • carbohydrates — 10%.

One dose of medicine (30.4 g) contains 24 g of a protein, useful amino acids. Caloric content of the recommended dose — 120 kcal. Low amount of cholesterol (30 milligrams in a dose).

The structure for the best comprehensibility of medicine included enzymes (25 mg).

The protein of 100% of Whey Gold Standart of Optimum Nutrition is sold in packings by weight: 0.9 kg — 1.99 thousand rubles, 2.18 kg — 3.9 thousand rubles, 3.63 kg — 5.5 thousand rubles, 4.54 kg — 6.9 thousand rubles.

On flavoring properties happens: banana cream, strawberry banana, tropical punch, chocolate coco, vanilla and other.

Powder has excellent solubility, but strongly foams in the course of mixing with liquid. It is perfectly acquired.

Iso-100 from Dymatize

The high cleaning protein consisting of a serumal protein and its isolate does not contain fats and sugars. Contains enzymes (protease, lactoses, a lipase) helping to acquire well a protein and to avoid problems with a GIT in structure. Fragrances are added, contains milk and soy. Content of nutrients:

  • protein — 86%;
  • fat — 0%;
  • carbohydrates — 0%.

One dose of medicine (29.2 g) contains 25 g of a protein and also a complex of mineral substances — calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron. Nutritiousness of mix — 110 kcal.

This powder is perfectly dissolved in liquid. The recommended dose is dissolved in 350 ml of water, juice or milk.

Cost in shops on average following: 0.726 kg — 2.3 thousand rubles, 2.3 kg — 5.5 thousand rubles, 1.362 kg — 3.43 thousand rubles.

Platinum Hydrowhey from Optimum Nutrition

Consists of a concentrate of a serumal protein and its isolate. Includes amino acids (leucine, an isoleucine, valine). In structure there are enzymes which promote assimilation of a protein and help to avoid a problem with a GIT, calcium, iron. The fragrances impacting relish are added. Content of nutrients:

  • protein — 77%;
  • fat — 3%;
  • carbohydrates — 5%.

One dose of medicine (39 g) contains 30 g of a protein. Power value — 140 kcal. Low content of cholesterol (5 g).

This powder is perfectly dissolved in liquid.

The price in shops on average following: 1.6 kg — 4.13 thousand rubles, 0.795 kg — 2.1 thousand rubles, 2.1 kg — 3.745 thousand rubles.

Syntha-6 from BSN

It is sports mix which contains in the structure six types of protein with various extent of assimilation and also mineral additives (potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus). The protein matrix represents a concentrate of a serumal protein and its isolate. Existence in composition of various fragrances gives different tastes. The recommended dose is measured by the measured spoon entering set and makes 47 g.

Content of nutrients:

  • protein — 47%;
  • fat — 4%;
  • carbohydrates — 32%;
  • cellulose — 11%.

One dose of medicine contains 22 g of a protein. Nutritiousness — 200 kcal.

Mix is well soluble in liquid. One-two measured spoons mix with a glass (250–300 ml) of water, juice or skim milk. Accept 1–4 times a day as necessary.

The medicine prices in shops the following: 1.32 kg — 2.2 thousand rubles, 2.29 kg — 3.3 thousand rubles, 4.5 kg — 5.7 thousand rubles.

Elite XT from Dymatize

Consists of specially developed proteinaceous matrix of long assimilation with inclusion in composition of amino acids, a serumal protein and an egg protein with isolate. Mineral additives (calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper), vitamins (vitamin C, folic acid, thiamine), natural and artificial fragrances also are a part. The recommended dose in a measured spoon of 33 g, contains 21 g of a protein. Power value — 125 kcal.

Content of nutrients:

  • protein — 64%;
  • fat — 4.5%;
  • carbohydrates — 18%.

Mix is well soluble in liquid. Recommend to mix one dose from 300 ml of water, juice or milk.

The price in shops on average following: 1.820 kg — 2.77 thousand rubles, 0.910 kg — 1.44 thousand rubles.

Whether you know? All necessary set of amino acids is in meat, a bird, fish, eggs and molokoprodukta and also in soy. In nuts, sunflower seeds, fruit and vegetables their set is not full any more. Therefore at reception of vegetable proteins it is necessary to monitor good nutrition to take the half-received amino acids from other products.

Proteins are very important for normal functioning of a human body. Their consumption in certain doses helps to achieve the best sports results, to increase and keep muscle bulk, to lose excess weight. Today there are many protein additives which will promote achievement of above-mentioned purposes. They should be chosen and normalized correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team