How to choose champagne for New year

How to choose champagne for New year

It was so led that the most important dates and especially solemn events can be celebrated champagne. Especially it is impossible to present a New Year's table without this drink. But often instead of the real champagne, usual sparkling wine which considerably concedes to it on the gustatory qualities is bought.


1. The real champagne is produced in the French province of Champagne. Only three grades – Pino Nuar, Pino Menyon and Chardonnay - with use of special technology are used for this purpose. Otherwise it is considered to be that wine is made by a sparkling method. Therefore the inscription "Champagne" on the label, most likely, means that wine is made by a sparkling method. Try to get bottles with the designation "Champagne".

2. Pay attention to the producer. Nicolas Feuillatte, Louis Roederer, Pommery, Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin, Ruinart, Laurent-Perrier, etc. are the best-known. However and the cost of their products will be quite high.

3. On the label it is possible to look also at the level of quality of drink which is also influencing its cost. For example, the inscription "champagne sans annee" means that before you champagne without the specified year of a harvest. Often there are data on a sugar content. This way is the most widespread among producers of wines. Most often such champagne also meets on counters. The instruction "champagne millesime" says that drink is matured not less than three years and was made in a certain year of grapes of one harvest. This, so-called, vintage champagne. If you see "cuvee de prestige" or "cuvee speciale", then keep in mind that this most expensive and rare champagne from the best berries produced with respect for all technologies.

4. Also on the label information on color of drink has to be surely specified. It can be only white and pink. And, production of pink is only 1% of all production of wine. On drink from white grades of Chardonnay grapes there is always an inscription "Champagne Blanc de blancs", from a red grade of Pinot Meunier or Pinot Noir - "Champagne Blanc de noirs", and on pink, made of mix of white and red wine, specify "Champagne Rose".

5. The indication of contents in sugar drink isn't less important. This information surely has to be on the label. Its contents on liter of wine divides champagne into six groups. Respectively, than more than this figure, especially sweet drink.

6. It must be kept in mind that champagne has to be poured on bottles from dark glass. Otherwise, drink will turn yellow and will gain bitterish smack. The stopper can be cork or polyethylene. However the first is considered more suitable since it corks a bottle more hermetically, preventing air penetration. The bottles closed by such traffic jams have to be stored in horizontal position. It is necessary in order that drink moistened a stopper, preventing that its rassykhaniye.

7. Good champagne always has pleasant color, it transparent and scintillating, forming light, openwork foam. The wine poured on glasses in a minute is filled with bubbles, small, identical by the size. The taste of drink has to be harmonious with long and pleasant aftertaste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team