How to choose dried fruits

How to choose dried fruits

Dried fruits, especially in the winter and in the spring - a saving source of vitamins and minerals. They are very sweet, nourishing and tasty, contain useful carbohydrates - fructose and glucose and also sodium, magnesium, iron, iodine and potassium. Only 5-6 pieces of dried apricots, prunes or a handful of raisin will save from avitaminosis, will strengthen immunity and will improve a condition of hair and skin. But not any dried fruits are so useful, at their choice it is necessary to be guided by some recommendations.


1. Don't buy brilliant, bright prunes or dried apricots - they take such beautiful form after harmful processing by chemicals. Dried fruits smoke in sulfuric smoke and as a result they gain gloss and a luster, long don't spoil, they aren't eaten by wreckers. A type of the real dried fruits which are dried up in the natural way, not such attractive they look more dim, in some fruits insects can come across, but here with guarantee there is no chemistry. In the course of drying no fruit can become brighter, it is reached only by means of dyes and preservatives.

2. Look for correctly dried up dried fruits, dried apricots and raisin have to be brown, but not amber, dark raisin and prunes — black with a bluish scurf. The coffee shade of prunes demonstrates processing by boiled water, so, and vitamins B it remained not much. Be not seduced with gloss, it is directed by means of glycerin or fat of unknown origin, the correct dried fruits they have an ordinary-looking appearance, dry, wrinkled and not so brilliant.

3. Don't buy too soft or, on the contrary, overdried fruits. This consequence of the wrong preparation, damp dried fruits will long not be kept, and the lack of moisture reduces nutritional value.

4. Buy dried fruits with stones, raisin - with tails, these are signs of quality goods. To taste they shouldn't be salty, sour or prigorely.

5. Choose domestic dried fruits, in them there are less than the probability of chemical additives. Don't buy these products in the street markets - they quickly absorb harmful automobile emissions. Buying dried fruits in packings, look for marks GOST, but not the specification.

6. You store dried fruits in the dry and dark cool place, in such conditions they can not lose the properties about a year. If there was a mold, at once throw out, such products can be dangerous. Wash out dried fruits before the use by warm water, but not boiled water, it destroys vitamins.

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