How to choose meat for roasting in an oven and to prepare it

How to choose meat for roasting in an oven and to prepare it

Recipes for roasting of meat in an oven - weight, as well as various marinades. And here, we come to shop or to the market and we fall into an awkward situation - what part of ink to choose to bake, and meat as a result turned out tasty and fragrant, and at the same time not rigid.

Pork for roasting

Kind of who didn't speak, and the most popular meat for roasting - pork. If you decided to bake meat in an oven, then it is the best of all to choose a scapula, cutting or gammon. The softest meat - gammon. For roasting choose low-fat pieces. In the traditional English recipe take such piece at which one party is completely covered with fat.

Wash up, dry, grate meat with salt, pepper, an oregano and a garlic powder. Cut the crude bulb in half and put the convex party up. On onions - meat. And stack a piece so that fat appeared from above. If you want a crisp, then rub in a fat a little mustard and torments. Put meat in well warmed oven (220 degrees) for 15-20 minutes, then lower temperature to about 180 degrees and bake until ready (about one and a half more hours).

Beef for roasting

The piece of ink which is the most suitable for roasting - a rump. If to speak roughly - a side part of a hip. But also other parts can be used for roasting. Beef - very fragrant meat. Recipes don't differ with pork, however beef can demand more time for preparation.

Back as part of ink of beef - a great option for roasting, and with the minimum quantity of spices. By the way, a shashlik neck it will be also quite good to look in the baked look.

Rub the prepared piece of beef with salt, pepper, it is possible to take Provence herbs, couple of drops of olive oil, a little balsam vinegar, leave for a while. Then ""seal"" in a hot frying pan and send to the warmed oven. On a baking tray put the onions cut in half and on it already - meat. So it propechtsya from all directions and won't roll in own fat. Bake meat until ready (from one and a half to two hours) at a temperature of 180-200 degrees.

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