How to choose the device for water gassing

How to choose the device for water gassing

For certain each of us tasted sparkling water and, most likely, knows its taste since childhood. Such drinks cost rather not much, but it is even cheaper and more interesting to make sparkling water independently. Of course, it can be done and in some models of the coolers equipped with a gazirovatel. However there is also other device for water gassing which became popular again is a siphon.


1. The first what it is recommended to pay attention to is safety and convenience of the device. With return to fashion of siphons it was noticed that a variety of models increased, but the most economic models still represent similarity of the Soviet siphons. They differ only in fashionable design and the high-quality stainless steel casing.

2. The principle of work didn't change: water is poured into a cylinder then the small barrel with compressed gas is inserted into a specialized pocket and twisted. Automatic saturation of water by bubbles due to piercing of a membrane of a siphon is so reached. Further the handle is only pressed, and from a siphon in a glass already sparkling water flows.

3. From inconveniences of a siphon it is possible to note only the small volume of a barrel at once with compressed gas as it is enough in the majority of models only for water liter. When replacing such barrel it is necessary to be extremely accurate and consecutive, at sharp unscrewing and a pressure release the device can explode.

4. Water in a cylinder of a siphon should be poured strictly specified quantity that there was a place for the gas. The newest models of siphons have absolutely other design with a cylinder for gas on 60 liters of water.

5. The bottle for sparkling water which is included in the siphon package happens from different materials. Usually depending on model they are glass or plastic. And here their quantity plays an important role in a set: the more bottles for sparkling water, the it is more also drink for the company. In addition can interest also models with adjustment of level of an inclination for convenience of a vvinchivaniye of a barrel and a special pallet for drops. All this will only simplify use of a siphon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team