How to choose useful chocolate

How to choose useful chocolate

All nutritionists agree that natural chocolate in moderate quantities is useful to health. But in shop of an eye run up from a variety of the range of chocolates, chocolates and bars, the truth in practice turns out that not all chocolate what so is called. What it is necessary to pay attention to buy the real useful chocolate, but not a fake which not only will add excess grams, but also will do much harm to health?

In general, the product (tile, candy, bar) on the basis of cocoa powder and cacao butter has to be called chocolate. Products of a cacao beans possess salutary action on our organism. The flavonoids which are contained in them regulate pressure, possess antioxidant vozdeystvy. But chocolates and candies can contain products "identical natural", as usual write on packing, that is imitation. Substitutes use for cheapening of a product and also for improvement of its appearance. Cream or chocolate with high content of the same palm oil which is taken as cacao butter substitute holds a form better and doesn't thaw even in the hot room. Oils with which replace useful cacao butter doesn't possess its delicate flavor and aroma at all, and, the main thing, doesn't bring benefit to the person. Cacao butter substitutes work like carcinogens rather.

So, what has to contain in chocolate that it had the right to be called chocolate? "identical natural" in structure you have to see nothing. All substitutes can contain only in a confectionery tile, but not in chocolate. On packing only cocoa mass, cacao butter has to be specified, also lecithin, vanilla or vanillin as fragrance is allowed. If the product is called "nut chocolate" or other additives, then also these additives have to be specified, for example: shredded hazelnuts or peanut ground.

It is important to remember also that small factories are ready to earn from this popular delicacy without specifying in structure of a product that is used by cacao butter substitutes so it is worth trusting well proved producers. Repeated checks proved that violations in the course of the chocolate industry they assume much less.

Council: you remember that the fusion point of natural chocolate - is lower than temperature of a human body therefore the real chocolate thaws in language. If candy or segment of chocolate doesn't thaw, it should be chewed and washed down with hot tea that it stopped being rigid, then it is an occasion, at least, to prick up the ears.

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