How to choose yogurt

How to choose yogurt

Choosing yogurt in shop, you want to buy a product tasty, useful, not containing unnecessary additives moreover and at the suitable price? It is quite real. Don't put the first boxes in a basket, don't give in on advertizing campaigns and attentively read labels of a product.


1. If you decided to buy the most useful yogurt, look for the inscription "Contains Live Bacteria" or "Contains Live Yoghurt Culture" on packing. Consider that such product has a limited period of storage – no more than three weeks – and it is necessary to look for it in a refrigerating show-window.

2. Attentively read the label of the chosen yogurt. In a product for dietary food there have to be as little as possible additives. Ideally the natural yoghourt contains milk and yogurt bacteria. But more often its structure can include casein, serum, emulsifiers. All these additives significantly reduce the product price.

3. If you are interested in a product with the minimum calorie content, choose yogurt without sugar and fruit additives. Honey, fructose, maple or corn syrup are included in the list of sweeteners. Consider that the muesli added to yogurt may contain sugar too.

4. The natural yoghourt can be made of usual or skim milk. Respectively, its caloric content can fluctuate from 250 to 100 kcal. The products enriched with calcium meet – this information can also be found on packing.

5. As raw materials pasteurized milk is quite allowed. But if the product underwent pasteurization after a zakvashvaniye, there is no live bacterium left in it. Therefore look whether isn't present on the label of the chosen mark yogurt that the product underwent thermal treatment after fermentation.

6. Choosing yogurt with additives of fruit, pay attention to whether it contains natural fruit or only fragrances and flavor additives.

7. Examine the chosen box or to bank. If the cover on it was blown up, or packing is broken, refuse purchase. Consider that even the quality product spoils at the wrong storage.

8. Check a product expiration date. Try not to buy goods which term of realization comes to an end. If you need to get several identical packs, check the date which is put down on everyone. Sometimes, that on one shelf the goods from different parties are exposed and one of the boxes bought by you quite can be overdue.

9. Especially attentively study the yogurts which are on sale at a special price. It is possible that thus the shop tries to get rid of the stale illiquid goods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team