How to clarify apple juice

How to clarify apple juice

Home-made apple juice – an excellent source of vitamins. It can be drunk fresh, to preserve and also to use as a basis for various desserts and drinks. Tasty and fragrant juice has only one shortcoming – not too beautiful appearance. However it can be clarified and made more transparent in house conditions without use of the special equipment and noxious to health additives.

It is required to you

  • - juice extractor, steam juicer or manual press;
  • - gauze;
  • - ware for heating and cooling;
  • - skimmer;
  • - rubber tube.


1. Choose apples for juice. You can use as one litter, and to mix different for obtaining harmonious sweet-sour taste. For juice use as cultivated, and wild-growing apples.

2. Select fruits without damages, spots and decay, carefully wash up them in flowing water, dry up and destem.

3. Make apple juice by means of the electric juice extractor, a manual press or the steam juicer. The turned-out mother juice – especially valuable raw materials with the high content of vitamins and minerals. But contains in the alburnum which remained after its production much valuable liquid. Fill in it with water in a proportion 10 to 1.

4. Let's mix stand three-four hours and again miss it through a press. As a result more low alcohol drink which is better for not mixing with pure juice will turn out, and to preserve separately.

5. Start juice clarification. In house conditions you won't be able to create an analog of the packaged drink. However to try to make house juice more transparent it is quite possible.

6. Let's fresh juice stand a little and filter it through several layers of a gauze. Wring out the thick which remained on the filter. Pour the filtered juice in a small pan and install it on a water bath. Bring water to the boil and warm up juice within 3-4 minutes. On liquid foam is formed – remove it a skimmer or a spoon.

7. Snap-chill juice, having put the container with it in a pan or a tank with cold water for two-three hours. At this time drink will be stratified – transparent liquid will gather above, the muddy deposit will fall by a bottom. Accurately merge light top juice in separate ware, having used a rubber tube.

8. For bigger clarification subject liquid of secondary pasteurization. Repeat heating on a water bath. Cool hot juice at the room temperature and filter via the special filter from burlap or several layers of a gauze.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team