How to clarify jelly

How to clarify jelly

Each hostess wants that the prepared dish was not only tasty, but also beautiful. The esthetic look depends not only on how you are able to cut out florets from carrot or to do bouquets of egg. Quite often happens that it is necessary to take care of a type of future culinary masterpiece in the course of preparation. For example, it is better for transparent to cook jelly at once. If it didn't turn out, it is necessary to take emergency measures that to clarify it.

It is required to you

  • 1 egg;
    • fork or nimbus;
    • piece of a gauze;
    • small bowl or cup.


1. Try to cook transparent jelly at once. Put products strictly on a compounding. Put jelly to cook at first on strong fire and wait for boiling. As soon as it begins to boil, reduce a flame and further you cook on small fire. It will be slightly longer, but it isn't necessary to potter with clarification.

2. If nevertheless broth turned out hazy, don't panic. First of all get meat. Specially it isn't necessary to cool it in this case, just lay out it that didn't disturb. If you put vegetables in this dish and you cook them together with meat, get also them. At the same time don't remove broth from fire, just lower a flame to a minimum.

3. Break egg and separate protein from a yolk. It is possible to make it in the traditional way, having split egg in half and pouring a yolk from one half of a shell in another. You hold egg over a bowl in which protein will flow down. Egg white contains albumine which is an excellent sorbent. It will connect unnecessary substances.

4. Beat egg white a fork or a nimbus as you usually do it for omelet. Make fire slightly more feasibly. Gradually pour in protein whip in broth. It is necessary to stir slowly continuously and thoroughly, otherwise even protein whip will turn a lump and won't absorb in itself that has to. Bring broth to the boil.

5. Remove broth from a plate. Let broth stand. Wait until all unnecessary drops out in a deposit. After that filter broth through a gauze and continue process. Put necessary spices and salt. Such clarified broth is suitable both for jelly, and for aspic. To aspic of the requirement is higher, broth surely has to be transparent.

6. If you don't aspire to cooking ideal broth, you can arrive differently. In the same way weld and get meat. To broth let's cool down a little then filter it through 2 layers of a gauze. Let's stand slightly and again filter. After that add some spice and all the rest that you got used to put in jelly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team