How to clean moonshine

How to clean moonshine

Moonshine is received from home brew distillation by means of the moonshine still. After distillation process this strong drink is required to be peeled from harmful impurities and also to get rid of an unpleasant odor.


1. Clean ready moonshine from extraneous impurities potassium permanganate. In a 3-liter jar with moonshine fill 2 – 3 grams of permanganate of potassium. To bank close, stir up and put on a water bath at a temperature of 50 - 70 degrees Celsius at 10 - 15 minutes. Wait for loss of a deposit and pour clean drink.

2. Add moonshinealcohol8 – 10 g of cooking soda on 1 l of . Mix and leave to infuse 20 – 30 minutes. Then again mix. In 10 – 12 hours merge liquid and remove a deposit.

3. Freeze moonshine – from it its taste will improve, and the water which froze to a capacity wall will absorb fusel impurity. Pour moonshine in a thick-walled vessel, for example, in a bottle from under champagne, close and place in the deep freeze or on a frost for several days. Water together with impurity to turn into ice. After that pour clean moonshine in other capacity until ice thawed.

4. Add to 3 l of moonshine alcohol of 50 tablets of activated carbon, 2 tablespoons of oak bark, a vanillin pinch, a handful of a dried bird cherry and insist week. After that filter and add 20 - 40 more tablets of activated carbon. Leave to infuse at least a week more. Or miss moonshine several times via the filter for water, at the same time use the new cartridge.

5. Beat egg white with water or 200 ml of skim milk and at once pour in 1 l of moonshine drink. In 2 – 4 days when mix brightens and flakes will settle on a bottom, pour transparent liquid in other capacity.

6. Get rid of an unpleasant odor by means of coal – on 12 l of moonshine take 400 g of fresh birch coals. Infuse mix until coal doesn't accumulate on a bottom and liquid doesn't become clean. Then carefully merge moonshine and dilute with water (on 2 parts of drink 1 part of water). Add 800 g of pounded raisin, walnut, parsley or apples and miss moonshine repeatedly via the device.

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