How to close peaches for the winter

How to close peaches for the winter

At all times the peach had very different properties, depending on culture. For example, in Renaissance the peach was considered as a love elixir, to British the peach was associated with extremely vulnerable people, and domestic poets and artists symbolized fruit as youth, a standard of beauty and youth.

Otherwise a peach – unusual and amazing fruit! It is very juicy, tasty and fragrant. Such fruit will approach practically under any dessert. It is present also at compoundings of unsweetened dishes.

Peaches from cans are fine as well as fresh: they almost don't differ from the fruit which is just removed from a branch – the same improbable taste and aroma. Interesting fact: a peach – one of fruit which keep the useful qualities even after conservation.

Recipe of tinned peaches

To prepare a 3-liter jar with peaches, one and a half kilograms of fruit of the average size, 0.5 kg of sugar and 2-2.5 liters of not boiled water will be necessary.

It is better for average hardness to choose peaches in order that they didn't get out of the shape. Fruit are well washed out, deleting "bristle" from a surface. Peaches should be spread out on clean banks, having filled them completely. At once to put cups into place where they will be defended further.

Further banks need to be filled with boiled water and to close covers for 15-20 minutes. After the specified time water needs to be drained in a pan and to put on a plate to boil. In banks, sugar is filled up.

After water begins to boil, it needs to be poured in each of cans, consistently ordering it.

And, at last, banks are wrapped up for two days then reveal, rinsed and clean up in a storage place. Preservation are ready! During the winter period such can of peaches is eaten at once. And liquid in which there are peaches is compote of high concentration – very tasty drink.

Peaches in own juice with sterilization

Sterilization is a heat treatment for the purpose of creation of impossible conditions for existence and reproduction of adverse microorganisms.

Ingredients: 6 peaches, 4 tablespoons of water, 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Peaches wash, separate previously from a thin skin and are divided into two half, having taken out at the same time a stone. Halves of peaches densely keep within on banks layers, powdering all with sugar. Having added water, to place banks in a pan for further sterilization. Carry out sterilization within 25 minutes.

After that banks are pulled out, twist covers, turn over for the day which is wrapped up with a towel or other fabric.

Peaches in own juice without sterilization

Components: 1.5 kg of peaches, 1.5 liters of not boiled water, 200 grams of sugar, one teaspoon of citric acid.

Peaches it is husked. For simplification of its removal it is possible to drench fruit with boiled water previously. Having removed stones, to fill banks with halves of peaches. It is necessary to spread accurately, without having damaged integrity of halves. Water needs to be boiled and poured on banks, having covered to leave for half an hour. Further water is drained in a deep pan with addition in it of sugar and citric acid. Water boil and fill in this syrup on banks. Roll up banks and leave in the turned state before full cooling. After banks cool down, it is time to transfer their to the place for storage of konservation.

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